Is a Former Glaxo Salesperson Driving the ‘Vaccinate All Children Act of 2015’?

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Keenan Austin, a former salesperson for vaccine and drug giant GlaxoSmithKline (Glaxo), is the senior health policy aide for Florida Congresswoman Frederica Wilson (D-Fl-24), the sponsor of House Resolution H. R. 2232, the “Vaccinate all Children Act of 2015,” which, if passed, would for the first time create a federal law forcing all children in the United States to get all the vaccines promoted by the CDC with no exemptions for religious or secular reasons.


Please click on the Take Action link to send a message to your member of the US House of Representative expressing your opposition to H. R. 2232, the “Vaccinate all Children Act of 2015.”

And please call Rep. Wilson’s office and politely ask if Keenan Austin’s connections to Glaxo is related to the appearance of H.R. 2232, the Vaccinate All Children Act of 2015,and let them know that you want to make your children’s healthcare decisions not them. Rep. Frederica Wilson, 202-225-4506.

According to The Hill and other public sources, Wilson’s health policy aide Keenan Austin’s last job before being hired by Wilson was with Glaxo, the world’s largest vaccine manufacturer.  Perhaps this explains Wilson’s sudden interest in forcing vaccines on American children and removing parents from having any roll in deciding which vaccines their children receive. We all know about the revolving door between politically-favored industries and Washington, DC, but this one is especially blatant.

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