[Express, UK] Thousands of teen girls suffer serious illnesses after HPV cervical cancer vaccine


ExpressTENS of thousands of teenage girls have fallen seriously ill and even been left wheelchair-bound after taking the routine cervical cancer vaccination.

The Medicines and Healthcare Products Regulatory Agency announced that 8,228 young girls had suffered debilitating side effects from the HPV injection.

However, the number is estimated to be only ten per cent of the true number of teens struck down with severe side effects after taking the vaccine.

The jab has been routinely administered to 12-year-old and 13-year-old girls in Britain since 2008. The injection blocks the sexually transmitted human papilloma virus which leads to most cervical cancer cases.

Otherwise healthy school-aged girls have reportedly suffered chest and abdominal pains, exhaustion, breathing difficulties, postural orthostatic tachycardia syndrome, which triggers an abnormally high heart rate, and fibromyalgia, which causes chronic pain throughout the body.

In more than a quarter of the cases, the effects have apparently been so severe that they were considered ‘life-threatening’ and required immediate medical treatment.



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