Will Governor Brown Take the Risk as the African-American Community Says NO to SB277?

Original here: 

By Christina England, June 16 2015


Who is actually in favor of mandatory vaccinations, other than the pharmaceutical industry and world governments? Very few of us, it appears, and yet, despite various petitions, public outcry and proof of adverse reactions, more and more governments from around the world are making their position very clear: vaccinate your child, or else!

As many of you are aware, SB 277 is a bill recommending that all children must be vaccinated in the state of California. Any child who has not been vaccinated with all state-mandated vaccines will be denied the right to a public education.

Many parents, caregivers, and professionals are against the bill and are making their feelings on the subject very clear.

One Mother Speaks Out

One mother, Caitlan Sullivan, has become so concerned about her rights as a parent being taken away that she has made her views on the subject abundantly clear in a letter she wrote to California Governor Jerry Brown [1]:

“Governor Brown, I’m sure you recognize that children today are subject to no less than 3 times as many vaccines as the previous generation. Parents today are facing a much more significant question about vaccines than parents 30 years ago were facing.




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