According To My Research, There Are 4 Types Of Pro-Vaxxers



Yesterday researchers released a list of 4 types of anti-vaxxers. The provided list was created in order to help Doctors (and probably pharmaceutical companies) better market to people who are against vaccinations for themselves or for their kids. Their list was as follows: Complacency, Convenience, Confidence, Calculation. You can read them all here, I’m not one to rehash.

But I came up with a list of my own (no research necessary). So here are 4 types of pro-vaxxers you are likely to encounter in life.

Careless: or rather, those people who just don’t care what goes into their body.

Diet coke and some Fritos? GMOs? This person is unfazed by any idea that what goes into the body can cause them harm. They typically will tell you that life is 100 percent about genetics. Got Autism? That’s genetics. Got cancer? That’s 100 percent genetics and has nothing to do with a lifelong affection for processed foods. Flu Vaccines at the office are a shot of pure health.

Sheepishness: or rather, those people who just do whatever everyone else does so that they can avoid ever having to think for themselves.

When you were kid, your mother or father probably said to you, “well, if Tommy jumped off a bridge, would you?” Their point was to teach you that just because someone else is doing something it doesn’t mean you should. Unfortunately, this person never listened and can often be found calling out for help in the river below the bridge. This person believes that if everyone else is doing it, it must be OK. They also feel that this saves their brains from having to think about issues, for example, like what another human being might be injecting into their child.

Pharmafluence: Those people who only cite pharmaceutical banked research studies as evidence that vaccines, which are created by pharmaceutical companies, are 100 percent safe.

These people typically have some go-to links and images they can leave in the comments section on any Facebook post whereas [sic] their vaccine decisions seem to be challenged. Calling them out on this is useless, as this person is absolutely sold that Pharmaceutical companies are here only for the good of the people. In addition, they believe FDA monitoring over studies or research is meaningful.

Convenience: or rather, those people who would prefer just do what the herd does, instead of thinking for themselves, even if they are risking their child’s health.

These people are notoriously the best big pharma customers of them all. Their demographic represents high value customers. These customers of vaccines and other ridiculous medications will take whatever a Doctor hands them, or whatever a commercial persuades them, without even an inkling of inquisitiveness. They question nothing, they consume everything. They have no real opinions over the matter and don’t care to have opinions over any matters. They take their children to the Doctor, the Doctor injects the child without even telling them what is being injected into them.

These people also could typically [not] care less about their parental rights. They prefer the Government telling them how to live their lives and how to parent. They feel the Government forcing vaccinations is a maneuver to make everyone safer.

You see, researchers, everyone has a “type.”


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