Is Removing Your Child From A Vaccine Tracking System An Option?

In 1997, the National Vaccine Advisory Committee (NVAC) undertook an initiative on immunization registries made up of the NVAC members and others. Soon after each state within the United States implemented an Immunization Information System (IIS). In other words, a vaccine tracking system. Since the inception of state-run IIS’s, the political rehoretic and passage of laws has steadily gained speed on the way towards the removal of medical consent. At least 12 states have vaccine-related legislation on the docket to heavily damage or completely remove medical consent. Universal enforcement of potential vaccine-related legislation laws are currently a grey area. However, a behind the curtain view of potential enforcement options the U.S. public has already received appears to remove informed consent and medical choice.

The stated goal of the IIS, overseen by the Center’s for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) when handling the U.S. Citizens is as follows:

At the population level, an IIS provides aggregate data on vaccinations for use in surveillance and program operations, and in guiding public health action with the goals of improving vaccination rates…”

It is every parent’s right, stated directly by the IIS under the system’s Privacy and Confidentialitysection, to exercise parental consent with regards to their child’s involvement in the system. The IIS states the following:

Notification – Parents must be notified of the existence of the IIS, what information will be contained in it, and how the information will be used.

Choice – Parents must be allowed to choose whether to participate in the IIS.

Use of IIS information – IIS information must only be used for its intended purpose and not be used in a punitive manner.

According to its website, the IIS system is required to collect the patients full name, birthdate, sex, race ethnicity, birth order, state, country, mother’s full name, vaccine type, vaccine manufacturer, vaccination date, and lot number.


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