The Health Liberty Revolution to Save Our Children

By Barbara Loe Fisher

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Michelle FordThe non-profit charity, the National Vaccine Information Center (NVIC was a co-sponsor of the Truth, Transparency and Freedom rally held in Atlanta, Georgia on Oct. 24, 2015, an event coordinated by the Vaccine Injury Awareness League led by Michelle Ford.

We sent a team of NVIC staff and volunteers to Atlanta to stand in solidarity at the protest march in front of the CDC on Oct. 23 and at the rally the next day with mothers and fathers from many different states, who hold diverse cultural, political and religious beliefs but are united in a shared, unwavering commitment to save our children.

NVIC Volunteers and BoothI was deeply moved by what I witnessed and experienced in Atlanta as I listened to fellow Americans from other minority communities, who, just like parents of vaccine injured children, have been marginalized and demonized by those in positions of power seeking to stigmatize, segregate and divide us. If we misunderstand and fear each other for our differences, we cannot come together as one people to defend what unites us, which is our determination to protect our health and freedom and the future of our nation.

Following is the 20-minute speech I gave at the rally in Grant Park in Atlanta on Oct. 24, 2015.

The Health Liberty Revolution to Save Our Children

by Barbara Loe Fisher

Protect all babiesThose tiny miracles. God’s most precious gift to us. We hold them in wonder just moments after they are born. We love them in a way we never loved anyone, and they love us in a way that no one else ever will.

Then, one day, we wake up. And they are as big as we are, ready to go out in the world and make their own way, and hold their own babies in their arms, completing the natural order of life.

But for many children, the natural order of life will never be completed. Some have already died. Some will one day join the ranks of the working disabled. And others will grow old and die in state homes, with the bodies of adults and the brains of babies.

For these children, the natural order of life has been forever changed by manmade viral and bacterial vaccines they were required, by law, to use.

May God bless each one of you who made the pilgrimage to Atlanta, Georgia on this day, Oct. 24, 2015, to be at this Truth, Transparency and Freedom Rally.

Rally crowdWe have come to witness and honor our children, who have no voice and have no choice except that which we, their mothers and fathers, give to them.

We have come to defend the inalienable natural rights that unite all of us regardless of where we live, the color of our skin, the faith that sustains us, or the philosophies that define us.

We stand united in our commitment to protect this and future generations from exploitation by the pharmaceutical, chemical and medical trade industries that have polluted our earth and created the sickest and most disabled child and young adult populations in our nation’s history.

We will not be silent while our children are being harmed by those who have no liability or accountability for their actions.



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