Lobbyists Knew Optimal Time to Introduce [California] SB277

Original here: http://vactruth.com/2015/11/17/lobbyists-for-sb277/



  • On June 30th, after the passage of California State Bill SB277, State Senator Dr. Richard Pan publicly thanked grassroots group Vaccinate California and the California PTA for their efforts to eliminate the personal choice vaccine exemption for parents. [1]
  • Several unnamed groups also were heavily involved behind the scenes. A marketing campaign entitled “I Heart Immunity” was created after the Disneyland measles outbreak and used as a vehicle to persuade public opinion to support Pan’s bill.
  • Analysis showed lobbyists were connected to Senator Richard Pan and the California Medical Association. These key relationships assisted in the passing of SB277.

On the surface, it appears that a group of passionate parents spontaneously rallied together to support the passage of Senator Richard Pan’s California State Bill SB277 – a bill that takes away the choice of parents to exempt their child from being vaccinated. [2]

Analysis revealed groups and individuals who are well-connected to pharmaceutical companies assisted in an opportunistic marketing campaign which promoted the passage of this bill.

Continue reading: http://vactruth.com/2015/11/17/lobbyists-for-sb277/


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