Jon Rappoport reviews a mind-control review of ‘Vaxxed’


Original here:

by Jon Rappoport

April 3, 2016

Mainstream media is all about what the audience wants to hold on to.

The audience wants stability.

When you boil it down, this means they want something official.


The actual substance of the news dries up like rain on the street after the sun comes out again. Gone. Doesn’t matter. As long as the audience feels they’ve received the Official Word.

Official=a slave signaling admiration for his master. It’s the Stockholm syndrome writ large.

Let’s go to the scorecard: the two Latin roots of the word “official.” Opus (work), and facere (to do or make). “To do work.” Seems rather harmless.

But somewhere along the line it was inflated—for instance, “holding office”; “he held an office in the government.”

And, as often happens, when the Latin moves forward into the medieval period, when the Church takes hold, the concept is made gaseous. In this case, “to do work” becomes “divine service.”

Yes. As in the divine right of kings to rule, to make laws, to call the shots, to issue orders.

Official looms large.

Let’s say I run a major media outlet. It would be in my interest to make distinctions between “official” and “meritless.” Who wants meritless or conspiratorial or dissenting or odd or weird or in-the-minority? Those categories are worthless, and pointing this out bolsters my superior status and position. I am reliable. They are not. That’s how I play the game.

I’ve talked to many mainstream reporters over the years. They know almost nothing important about what they’re reporting on. Some of them have high IQs, but they’re dumb as wood when it comes to the content and nature of the issues they convey to the public. And this is on purpose. There is no reason to have acute and deep knowledge. It doesn’t fit the format. Their work involves looking and sounding convincing, which is a different kind of job.

It’s actually a hindrance to know too much. It gets in the way.

Their job is to come across as official.

For instance, in a review of the just-released film, Vaxxed (trailer)—and I’m not going to dignify the reporter by mentioning him or his outlet—the Gibbering Fantasist (reviewer) states that the director of the film, Andrew Wakefield, is a doctor who had his license stripped in England. In other words, Wakefield is “unofficial.” It doesn’t matter why his license was taken away, or whether some grave injustice was committed in that regard. Don’t bother looking into that mess. It’s enough to say “the source of the film” wasn’t official.



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