Vaxxed! The Movie I Couldn’t and Didn’t Watch . . . Until I Did

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I would highly recommend this film to just about anyone because it does a marvelous job of explaining the how and why at a very quick and understandable pace. Think The Big Short, minus the humor because in the face of so much human suffering that would just be in poor taste. Vaxxed accomplishes what it has set out to do, which is tell the truth about what is happening right now in pediatricians’ offices across this country and the world. You think sub-prime loans were bad news and devastated our country? How about sub-prime (no placebo-based, completely unresearched, ZERO accountability for the manufacturer, 100% risk to the child/taxpayer) preventative medicine that steals the brains and central nervous systems of our children, but sells itself as the pinnacle of wellness to the world? What happened in the world of banking during the housing bubble is happening at the CDC at this very moment, and nobody is paying attention.

I have read a few reviews of the film Vaxxed. I am shocked, given the clarity the tipping point provides, to so see many journalists are still snuggling up to their pharma advertisers. This film, contrary to these reviews, is not about Dr. Wakefield. For a little perspective, you can’t really tell the epic story of the $333 million lawsuit against PG&Edetailing their elaborate scheme to cover up the fact that they’d leaked hexavalent chromium into the drinking water of the residents of the California town of Hinkley without mentioning law clerk Erin Brockovich‘s role in bringing this corruption to light. Conversely, you cannot tell the story of Merck’s incestuous relationship with the CDC without addressing Andy Wakefield’s role in bringing the incriminating science they have tried to suppress for years to light.


Honest moviegoers will leave this film wanting justice for the these brave families and a policing government body in place that cannot trade positions, cash, and favors with the pharmaceutical industry. Sadly, many will leave this film realizing what has really happened to members of their own families. Most will feel the cavernous ache many of us have known for years. It is my heartfelt prayer that families who have been divided on this issue will reconcile and come to a place of mutual respect. My friend Andria has asked her 14 year old daughter with autism who does not yet speak (but will), how she should go about helping her heal her body. Sabrina typed, “love, great!” So simple but so brilliantly profound. LOVE GREAT! That is how we heal our children and our community. Love greater. That is how we fill the divide. With knowledge, LOVE, and understanding. Most of us embroiled in this issue were never “pro” or “anti” anything. The horrendous pain of watching our babies suffer so caused such fear and rage, we allowed ourselves to become divided. United we stand; divided we love a lot less great. All of us are just parents, people, who want the very best for all our children. Let it be known, when you go see VaxXed, you are not just passively watching a movie, you are actively becoming a part of history.


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