Take Action – Stop GE Mosquitos in Florida! Take one minute to tell FDA what you think!

[The following is an email alert from Institute for Responsible Technology, http://responsibletechnology.org/ ]

Take Action – FDA Comment Period on GE Mosquito Release in Florida ends May 13. Comment now to make your voice heard.


Millions of GE mosquitoes are awaiting release in the Florida Keys. These freaks of nature were created by British company Oxitec, with a synthetic gene from Herpes and E.coli, plus genetic elements from the cabbage looper moth, coral and a vinegar fly. Oxitec falsely claimed all mosquitoes will be male but when pressed, they admit that females which can bite and spread disease will be released. Once released they cannot be recalled. No one knows what effect they may have on the fragile ecosystem in the Florida Keys, on insectivores… on human health. Will your state be next? Comment now, before it’s too late.


Learn more here:




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