‘Is HuffPo under Big Pharma’s tent?’ – Lance Simmens [On the Censorship of ‘Vaxxed’ Film]

By Sharyl Attkisson

Original here: https://sharylattkisson.com/is-huffpo-under-big-pharmas-tent-lance-simmens/

Surprising accusations of “censorship” against popular online website from prominent liberal author, activist and longtime contributor

Lance Simmens has written approximately 180 articles for The Huffington Post. But his prolific career as a HuffPo blogger came to an abrupt halt on April 15 when he wrote on a subject that turned out to be Kryptonite.

“I’m blacklisted. Blocked out of my account.”–Lance Simmens

Even more shocking, he says, is that the article that earned the block isn’t the least bit controversial—journalistically.

“If I’m [pharmaceutical company] Merck, I see why it’s controversial. But if I’m a rational political being, I’m not gonna see it,” says Simmens.

The blog in question was entitled, “Why Our Kids Should Hate Us” [published below]. Simmens posted it under his Huffington Post account after he screened the controversial documentary “Vaxxed.”

“Vaxxed” examines the extraordinary account of Dr. William Thompson, a current senior scientist at the Centers for Disease Control (CDC). Dr. Thompson says he and his colleagues, senior CDC officials, engaged in a blatant conspiracy to manipulate data and hide links between MMR (Measles, Mumps, Rubella) vaccine and autism, particularly in African American boys. (CDC officials deny it.)

Simmens’ HuffPo article took no position on the alleged medical links between vaccines and autism that are the subject of heated debate among advocates and scientists on both sides. He simply argued that the unprecedented allegations of corruption at CDC, from a sitting CDC insider, deserve “serious consideration and a national dialogue.”

Article continues here: https://sharylattkisson.com/is-huffpo-under-big-pharmas-tent-lance-simmens/


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