Examining CDC Scientist Dr. Thompson’s Audio Recordings re: Vaccines


“There has been so much written about these audio files but there’s no substitute for listening to them firsthand. Please encourage other parents to listen.

Every day, there are more vaccine-injured children. And we have a stone-faced government with no answers and no sense of urgency. They can’t even muster up the courage to say that the epidemic of injured children is a catastrophe. There are even harder times coming as the pressure is increasing to demand answers. I feel great compassion for all of us.”
— Louise Kuo Habakus

Sarasota for Vaccination Choice shares our sincere thanks to Louise Kuo Habakus of http://fearlessparent.org for posting these critically important audio recordings.

Why is Thimerosal Still in Vaccines? — Recording #1

How to Make Inconvenient Vaccine Injury Data Go Away — Recording #3

CDC Scientist Connects Vaccines to Tics, Language Delay — Recording #4


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