Are you going to sit there or do something?

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Man, have I caught an earful in the past four days. People are pissed.  On fire that a Congressman would ask to cool it with the phone calls. Outraged that I’d go into a meeting and get “charmed by a politician” and I must be too stupid to know he pulled the wool over my eyes. But mostly people feel deceived that they aren’t being told every word of the meeting, and I understand that.

I’ve told you as much as I can because the Congressman asked if he could speak freely and off the record.  Yes, I could turn around and type every word of my notes into this blog but then what would happen?  I’d never be invited back and you’d have to find yourselves a new advocate.  So, you can trust me (or not) but if I want to ever go again, I can’t tell you what was said right now.

But here’s what we can do: let’s talk about moving forward.

Chaffetz is doing the best he can do at this job, but Chaffetz isn’t our personal Jesus, and neither is Bill Thompson, who you’ve already heard wants a second bite at the 2004 study so he can explain himself and walk back the secret recordings.  No, we didn’t talk about that in the Chaffetz meeting at all so I’m not foreshadowing anything here. You’ve already heard it through Brian Hooker, on Autism Media’s Periscope, and through a written statement from Focus For Health.

We all want a hearing where a perfect written record of CDC corruption is established and Bill Thompson saves the day.  That might happen– or it might not– but let’s keep working toward it.  There are 43 members of the Oversight Committee but hundreds of people keep calling one guy. Yes, he’s the Chairman but he’s one human being. Let’s get him some support from the rest of his Committee.

I’ll put a list of phone numbers and addresses for the other 42 congressmen/women on the Oversight Committee at the end of this entry. The phone calls fanned out to them should:

#1 educate the committee member’s staff who answers the phone about the fact that the CDC Whistleblower exists and there is an ongoing Oversight Committee investigation that they likely don’t even know about; and



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