The Lawsuit Against SB 277 [California] Has Been Filed…

Original here:

by Consumer Advocate Tim Bolen


So, I called attorney Jim Turner about 5:00AM PST this morning and say “Where’s the case, dude?”  He laughed…  He’d been up all night.  Right now it’s 5:00PM PST on Friday, July 1st, 2016  and I’ve got the final copy of the case against SB 277 in my hands.  It will take a while to get this article out – a lot to read, and make phone calls about.  But…

I LOVE it.

The case I talked about two days ago has been electronically filed by Carl Lewis in the San Diego Federal Court.  I have attached copies of each of the individual document sets to this article.  They will be easy to find.  Take the time to familiarize yourself.

The actual name of the filing is “Complaint For Declaratory and Injunctive Relief – Temporary Restraining Order Sought.”  Below I will explain what all that means.

And, there’s a bunch of backup documents.  You can see every one.

But first…

Let me make a few points so we are all on the same page.

(1)  I’ve been around lawsuits my whole life, and anyone who thinks that legal actions are something that you sit down in front of a computer, grab some boilerplate language, fill in some blanks on a form, and whiz-bang, off you go, is watching the wrong TV channels. Jim and the other attorneys put WAY MORE work into this preparation than they will ever recover in fees.  Why?  Because they are who they are.  Read the actual Complaint and you will be amazed.

(2)  This case, getting rid of California’s SB 277, is epic. Why?  The issues are not just about vaccines.  If you think about it a line has been drawn in the sand.  This case is about whether a one-world-type-government is going to be able to control EVERY aspect of our lives, including what can forcibly be put into our bodies, and by whom, and when.  This case asks the questions “Who owns our bodies?  Who owns our children?”  In California, the government here, in the form of the State Department of Health, has decided that THEY own you and your children.  One of their county subsidiaries, Santa Barbara, already tried to STOP medical exemptions for vaccines on their own.  They, of course, have become a Defendant in this case.

(3)  If you think about it, here, in California, every citizen is close to being at risk of being dragged out of their cars by the hair, thrown on the ground, and injected with the full complement of CDC Recommended Adult Vaccines (92?) to “protect the public.” We are VERY close…  The battle lines are right here.  This is the battle to fight.

(4)  SB 277 was, I think, about setting up a medical DELIVERY system, by injection, that the public is NOT ALLOWED TO QUESTION – mandatory vaccines. Why would anyone do that?  As young women of child-bearing age in Nigeria found out, the answer is a horror story – last year, millions of them were sterilized with World Health Organization (WHO) vaccines they thought, and were told, were “for their own good.”  As the Catholic Church points out, WHO did this in Mexico and the Philippines before Nigeria.  In India citizens are being injected with polio.  Not the polio vaccine – polio.

(5)  I said several years ago that the huge, and successful, US Health Freedom Movement needs to step into the Autism (vaccine damage) issue and help. Notice the names of three of the actual Plaintiffs in the filed suit – they are all BIG, influential, Health Freedom Movement organizations.  Look around at all of the people helping this issue.  There is an unmistakable blend.  We’re here to help.  And we are.  We, in the Health Freedom Movement are going to show you how to play hardball.  And you will learn fast.

Now, about today’s filing…

It is called a “Complaint For Declaratory and Injunctive Relief – Temporary Restraining Order Sought.” What, exactly is that?  It is simple…

Continue here:

To see the actual case filing:


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