Examining the Zika Hype

We offer the following articles (some with brief excerpts) as encouragement to question the Zika narratives raining down from on high. In regard to Zika — as with everything else —  we suggest that you examine the science, question authority, and follow the money.

Examining the Zika hype
Examining the Zika hype

Zika fraud, press fraud: They interviewed me, then refused to publish the interview
Answer Four: A January 27th Associated Press article out of Rio spelled it out. The Brazilian researchers went back and rechecked their original findings. So far, they’ve only been able to confirm 270 cases of microcephaly. And of those 270, they were only able to find the Zika virus in six cases! And the world is in a panic about an epidemic? Are you kidding me? And women are being told not to get pregnant? I call this Depopulation by Press Conference. It certainly isn’t science. How crazy can people get? “Well, we couldn’t find the virus except in six cases, but all women are at risk.” It’s a blatant operation aimed at women. [Note: since this interview, the updated Brazilian numbers are: 854 confirmed cases of microcephaly, and only 97 cases have “some relationship” to Zika.]

Zika hoax: strategy of liars, house of cards
The birth defect called microcephaly is nothing new. Neither is the presence of the Zika virus, which was discovered in 1947 and has never been known to create more than mild transient discomfort.

The only brain problem associated with Zika occurs in those people who buy what the press is blathering about Zika.

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Zika Virus

There’s some debate over whether Zika is actually to blame in Brazil’s epidemic of birth defects called microcephaly. If so, officials can’t explain why there’s been just a handful outside of Brazil. The CDC and World Health Organization recently concluded Zika is the culprit, but concede “other factors may combine with Zika virus infection to cause neurological disorders”.

In other words, there may be other reasons in addition to Zika resulting in Brazil’s strange microcephaly epidemic. Eighty percent of people who get Zika don’t get sick or have any symptoms.


Experts Admit Zika Threat Fraud
But mosquito experts are questioning the extent of emergency that actually exists. Chris Barker, Ph.D. a mosquito-borne virus researcher at the University of California, Davis School of Veterinary Medicine, told WebMD:2

“I think the risk for Zika actually setting up transmission cycles that become established in the continental U.S. is near zero.”

Barker expects Zika to go the way of other tropical diseases spread by mosquitoes, such as dengue fever and chikungunya, in the U.S. with perhaps small clusters of outbreaks in southern states and little activity elsewhere.


Is Mainstream Media Cooking Up a Fresh New Zika Virus Psyop Scare For This Fall?
If you are not familiar with round 1 then familiarize yourself with the storyline from last year (2015) where Brazilian “medical authorities” suddenly claimed that some 4780 babies were born with microcephaly (small heads). Without any evidence whatsoever these cases were then said to be directly due to Zika virus which is an entirely improbable and unsubstantiated claim since Zika virus was first officially identified in 1952 (a search that started in 1947) and it is not associated with life-threatening or infectious (or pathogenic) disease in humans according to the medical literature. To date there are no known cases or any genuine scientific studies proving a direct link between Zika virus and any deformities including microcephaly. All we have is repeated unscientific and unproven claims by “authorities” with a clear agenda. As I’ve said many times before, viruses don’t suddenly start behaving radically different from how they have behaved in the past. In other words, barring highly unusual and unique changes in the environment or circumstances, the virus engages with its environment in a consistent manner. The idea that a virus would suddenly change its own characteristics almost overnight is more radical than most of us realize.


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