Vaccine Studies Debunked + Take Action Alert


Vaccine Studies Debunked

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Dr. Brian Hooker, PhD, PE, has helped us expose the shortcomings in commonly cited pro-vaccine studies that argue against a vaccine/autism link. Action Alert!

This week, Alliance for Natural Health USA (ANH-USA) is releasing a white paper in conjunction with Dr. Brian Hooker, scientific advisor for Focus for Health. The paper critically examines twelve studies that are commonly cited by the media and government agencies as irrefutable proof that vaccines are safe and do not cause autism. As you will see below, many of these studies prove nothing of the sort, and are riddled with conflicts of interest.

In addition to conflicts of interest, each study is critiqued for methodological weaknesses, such as poor sample choice, data inconsistencies, and faulty comparisons. We argue that, given their flaws, these studies cannot be taken as proof that vaccines are universally safe for children or that they do not cause autism—as vaccine zealots and their captive government agencies claim. We do not conclude that vaccines are the primary cause of autism—but each child is biologically different, and some may be much more vulnerable than others, which can be missed in mass studies, and these particular studies do not allay legitimate concerns. This is especially true given the most up-to-date science, especially on aluminum adjuvants, which we covered recently in the Pulse.

There is indeed a disconnect when it comes to issues of vaccine safety. Take, for instance, the recent news that Wal-Mart is planning to ban a number of toxic chemicals from thousands of its products. One of those chemicals is formaldehyde, which is also a common vaccine adjuvant. Most people would applaud Wal-Mart for responding to consumers’ desire for safer products, yet when advocates call for the removal of dangerous adjuvants from vaccines to make them safer, we’re condescendingly told that the “science is settled” and vaccines are as safe as can be, even though this point has not even been studied.

We hope that this information will convince lawmakers in states across the country that removing all non-medical exemptions to vaccination, as California has already done and other states are considering, is unwise and unethical given the surprisingly little safety testing that has been done to prove the safety of vaccines.

Below is a brief sample of what can be found in our new white paper.

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Action Alert: Protect Vaccine Choice!


The full ANH-USA White Paper is here:


A White Paper by Brian S. Hooker, PhD, PE,
and the Alliance for Natural Health USA


Since the modern inception of public mistrust in vaccines in the late 1990s, in the wake of a since-retracted study published in The Lancet by Andrew Wakefield in 1998,[1] a handful of sporadic and hastily completed epidemiological studies have been used by the media and various government agencies as evidence that vaccines are safe. As Mark Twain quipped, “Facts are stubborn, but statistics are more pliable.” There are many ways in which data is chosen, manipulated, and compared, and the average person with only a basic knowledge of statistical methods must take the word of the author that the results are “proof.” Important policy decisions and laws are being made, and public debate is being suppressed, based on the unexamined assumption that the science on vaccine safety has been settled. The Alliance for Natural Health USA (ANH-USA) and Dr. Brian Hooker have teamed up to rigorously scrutinize twelve of the papers most often cited as proof positive that vaccines are safe. Each review presents the study’s overview and findings, along with an analysis of the findings, and a final statement of the authors’ conflicts of interest.


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