So What Became of the $1.9 Billion for Zika?

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The U.S. government laid out a proposal to spend $1.9 billion on activities—including buying or developing vaccines—to combat Zika before knowing for sure if the virus, in fact, posed a serious health threat to the American public…

by Marco Cáceres


Within less than a year of the news reports from Brazil about the sudden rise in microcephaly cases in that country, we’ve already discovered the cause of the supposed epidemic, taken a giant leap of faith that the U.S. public is also in imminent danger, commenced pesticide spraying campaigns in U.S. cities against mosquitoes believed to carry Zika, and proceeded full steam ahead to develop a Zika vaccine.

It’s absolutely breathtaking.

[COMMENT: … and, we would add, cleared the way for the first-ever release, in the United States (Florida Keys, to be precise), of experimental genetically modified mosquitoes.]

Full article here:


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