Lynching the Vaccine Freethinker Bob Sears

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Dr. Sears does not support mandatory vaccination laws that lack informed consent protections for parents, and he refuses to deny medical care to unvaccinated children. He is bucking the new trend by pediatricians to kick children, whose parents decline to give them every CDC recommended vaccine, out of their practice—a trend now blessed by the AAP.

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by Marco Cáceres

So, we already know that most medical doctors in the United States know next to nothing about vaccines and how they effect a person’s immune system, brain, and gut microbiome. We know this because it is an established fact that medical schools in the U.S. teach next to nothing about vaccines except how to blindly follow the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s (CDC) recommended child vaccine schedule. All you have to do is look at the four-year curriculum of any medical school in the country.1 2

It’s hard to believe, but it’s true—the people in the white coats who you thought were the “experts” when it comes to vaccines don’t know much about them at all. Ask pediatricians a question about the risks of any one of the 16 vaccines they insist your child must have and most of them get angry and refuse to answer. They simply repeat the CDC mantra that “vaccines are safe and effective” and talk about the miracles of the smallpox and polio vaccines.

Most of all, doctors want to talk about how important it is for your child to get all the doses of CDC recommended vaccines “on time”—no deviation from the recommended schedule—because that is what they were taught in medical school. “You’re taught the schedule, that’s really what you’re taught about vaccines. You’re taught the schedule and that it produces antibodies and that’s it,” says pediatrician Toni Bark, MD. Pediatrician Larry Palevsky, MD summarizes this well:

Do you know how much doctors learn about vaccines in medical school? When we participate in pediatrics training, we learn that vaccines need to be given on schedule. We learn that smallpox and polio were eliminated by vaccines. We learn that there’s no need to know how to treat diphtheria, because we won’t see it again anyway. We are indoctrinated with the mantra that ‘vaccines are safe and effective’—neither of which is true.

Those doctors who do happen to know something about vaccines have learned it through their individual initiative. They study and research on their own, and they learn what they should have been taught in medical school and during their residency training. One example of a doctor who has educated himself about vaccines is pediatrician Bob Sears, MD, who in 2008 published The Vaccine Book: Making the Right Decision for Your Child.3

According to Dr. Sears:

I got interested in the topic of vaccines way back in medical school. A friend of mine convinced me to read a book about vaccines, and it ended up being a very anti-vaccine book. It was all about an old vaccine called the DTP vaccine that we don’t use anymore. But the book talked a lot about the risks and the dangers of that vaccine. The author of that book was calling for that vaccine to no longer be used.

A number of years later, it turns out that they did discover that vaccine was causing a lot of very severe, life-threatening, even fatal side effects, so they did end up taking that vaccine off the market.

So it kind of opened my eyes to the fact that there are some very severe, fortunately very rare, side effects to vaccines, and I wanted to learn more about this issue. I started reading a lot more books.4

Dr. Sears gives vaccines in his practice but is known for working with parents on how and when to vaccinate their children. He also provides care to unvaccinated children and he is careful to screen for vulnerable children, who have already experienced reactions to previous vaccinations that could make them more susceptible to serious harm if more vaccines are given.

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