The secret political issue: Health Freedom

by Jon Rappoport, October 2, 2016

Six years ago, on the eve of the midterm elections in Obama’s first term in office — which happened to be seven months after Obama had signed Obamacare into law — and, with another 3-years to go before Obamacare went into effect, I posted this article.

Fast forward to now… on the eve of one of the most historic presidential elections in American history…

I would like to hear from you my loyal readers on the topic of Health Freedom. What does Health Freedom mean to you? What has changed over the last six years? What have been some of the victories? What have been some of the setbacks? Let me know in the comments below.

For Part 2 of this two-part re-posting series, click here.

(OCTOBER 21, 2010) As this year’s election draws close, it’s business as usual, as far as Health Freedom is concerned. This issue isn’t just in the shadows. It’s in the closet behind the shadows, locked in tight.

The avalanche of pharmaceutical ads on TV drones on. The attacks on natural health set off firecrackers here and there: “Patients shouldn’t be allowed to choose alternative remedies, because that will take them away from medicines that really help.”

“We, the medical elites, know what’s best for you, and we’ll shove it down your throats.”

But wait. This is supposed to be the Year of the Conservative. Conservatives want less government intrusion, more individual freedom. Why isn’t Health Freedom front and center?

I have four answers to that question. One, the pharmaceutical lobby and money machine are bankrolling overwhelming numbers of candidates. Two, the millions of people who participated in the Health Freedom movement of the early 1990s have gone back into their cocoons, and the funding of that movement, which came from nutritional companies, has dried up. Three, many leaders of the old Health Freedom campaign actually believe Barack Obama is a forward-thinking guy who would never permit a real crackdown on the nutritional industry. And four, conservative candidates running for office see no reason to put Health Freedom up high on their agendas, because they’ve never had to before—the pressure to do so is minimal. Why rock the boat?

In case you’ve forgotten, Health Freedom means: every person has the right to choose how to take care of their own body and health. The government has no business interfering. The right extends to refusal to accept conventional medical treatments. It’s a simple thing, really.

And perhaps reading this, you imagine there is no urgent need to press home this issue at this time.

Well, Health Freedom is always a major issue. The federal government, in the person of the FDA, an agency that is actually a bought and paid for subsidiary of the drug companies, is always seeking new ways to apply a chokehold on nutritional companies and natural health practitioners.

In a radio interview I did with Jonathan Emord, the most successful American lawyer in cases launched against the FDA, Emord told me he has sufficient reason to believe the FDA never intends to abide by the court decisions rendered against them. That’s right. In other words, the FDA is a rogue agency.

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