Wikileaks Releases: A Vote for Clinton is a Vote for Big Pharma & Mandatory Vaccination


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Hillary Clinton has made little attempt to play politics or engage in double speak on the topic of vaccinations. In the world of healthcare, medicine and parenting no other topic symbolizes the hot button nature of health freedom and medical choice vaccination represents. Amidst the bickering of fabricated issues and discussions of little or no importance to the public, the presidential debates have left out a laundry list of vital topics. The US has the developed world’s highest infant mortality rates. The US has epidemic-level rates of autism spectrum disorder over the past decades. And the US maternal mortality rate has more than doubled from 2000 to 2014.

California is fighting back against Senate Bill 277 (SB277) as parents and families who want to retain their health freedom and medical choice have been left with no choices as forced vaccination is now mandatory. Unbeknownst to most of the country, a growing subsection of US people have been beating back continued, unrelenting forced vaccination legislation in many states attempting to mirror SB277. Pharmaceutical company lobbyist continually swarm US politicians in order to secure SB277-like legislation in states to secure a revenue stream on their for-profit, zero-liability vaccine products.

Hillary Clinton has made no attempt to hide the deep roots connecting her to big pharma. In addition, she has made little attempt to deviate from the march towards mandatory vaccination signaling the desire to increase the agenda. One of the first times Clinton inserted herself into the vaccine safety conversation was to capitalize on the media hype generated by Donald Trump, Rand Paul and Ben Carson during their debate in September 2015 on the campaign trail. During the debate, Trump made numerous remarks questioning the safety of vaccines and epidemic autism rates. Trumps comments made the pharmaceutical-funded corporate news media instantly swarm to defend their backers by pandering to vaccine-injury deniers in their reporting. It was then that Clinton took to twitter with this message:


Thanks to the continual Wikileaks releases of internal Clinton campaign emails, the public has a window into the thought process of Clinton and her team away from the polished talking points and spin during the time her Twitter message was crafted.


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