URGENT: Request Senate vote NO on HR 34 (21st Century Cures Act)

Dollar sickness

NVIC UPDATE 12/5/2016: The Senate voted in favor of invoking cloture on HR 34 (17 no votes) which puts a time limit on debate to 30 hours. With such a limited time on debate, it is highly unlikely any amendments to the current text of the bill will be accepted. The vote on the motion for unanimous consent did not occur today and may happen tomorrow. This would block any remaining debate. With limited debate certain, and no amendments accepted a very highly likely outcome, we urge people to ask their Senators to Vote NO on HR 34.

U. S. Senate floor debate on HR34 “The 21st Century Cures Act” starts at 10 am EST on Tuesday December 6, 2016. Watch here: http://www.senate.gov/floor/

Send Emails and Faxes This Weekend. Call ALL DAY Monday before the Senate votes on HR 34 at 5:30 pm EST to STOP:

  • FDA Fast Tracking of ALL New Vaccines (3091 and 3092)
  • Unconscionable Pharma and Vaccine Administrator Liability Shield for Fetal Vaccine Injury or Death Caused by Vaccines Given in Pregnancy (3093)




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