CBS: Trump asks vaccine skeptic RFK Jr to chair official committee on vaccine safety

[Note: The following is the text of an email sent today by Erin Elizabeth of ]

RFK Jr officially accepted. robert-kennedy-vaccines-696x870

No matter what your politics, I think it’s great to see both  “sides” working together- that’s what it’s all about.

Even CBS NEWS it seems can soften, as they referred to RFK Jr as a “vaccine skeptic” in their headline, as opposed to “anti vaxxer.” I own the URL, and Skeptics as I know it applies to so many who question the schedule, additives, etc.


Speaking of vaccine skeptics,  

please click here or see the article below about the a holistic doctor, the HEAD MD at Cleveland Clinic, who questioned vaccine additives and was then threatened by the hospital!  It’s a must read.

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