‘Vaccines Revealed’ — Viewing Episode One Tonight! 9 pm Eastern Time

[Note: The following is the text of an email from the good people at Vaccines Revealed (http://www.vaccinesrevealed.com)]


The full exclusive VACCINES REVEALED event starts tonight… in just a few short hours.

The premier docu-series event you’ve been waiting for starts tonight, January 10th and runs for 9 episodes with the last episode airing on January 18th.

Each episode airs daily at 9pm EST / 6 pm PST – and will air for free for 24 hours. 

Then the episode will be taken down so we can share the next one.

You’ll want to mark your calendar for a convenient time for watching each day so you don’t miss a single one of these important episodes.

We’ll be sending you your unique “watch” link tonight (and daily every night) as the episode opens – this is a link that is assigned to you.

You will want to share this docu-series with loved ones and other concerned parents – if you do, send them to www.VaccinesRevealed.com so that they can get their own unique watch link…. It’s FREE!

We’ll see you there tonight!


Dr. Patrick Gentempo and the Vaccines Revealed Team


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