Anti-Vaccination Forces May Get Boost in Trump Administration



[The following comments are from Louise Kuo Habakus, the founder and executive director of Fearless Parent, referencing an article by Healthline news (link here: ) for which she was interviewed]

My interview with Healthline News today. We talked for 35 minutes and he listened.

It is time for us all to get on one side and have an actual conversation.

The part he [the writer] left out? [OUR EMPHASIS ADDED]

If you believe that vaccines save lives, it is your right to get them. Most people can and do. We are speaking about a minority of people who don’t want to and a very small minority of people who can’t. In this equation, we, as a society, must not privilege some lives over others.

What about the child undergoing chemotherapy who cannot be vaccinated?

What about the healthy child who receives a mandated vaccine and dies?

We can and do have deep compassion for both. But is ours a society that will force a kind of moral equivalence? Sophie’s Choice?

When lives lost to vaccines are less important than lives lost to disease, this is an injustice.

ps. CDC says children undergoing chemotherapy can receive all vaccines except MMR and chickenpox.

There are many diseases for which there are no vaccines. Are we only afraid of diseases for which there are vaccines? If a child is too weak to be exposed to measles, perhaps a parent should reconsider whether the child is robust enough to be in school.

#fearlessparent #healthfreedom #vaccinationchoice



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