‘Vaccines Revealed’: CDC Knew in 2001 That MMR Vaccine Causes Autism

[Note: The following is the text of an email sent by Stop Mandatory Vaccination http://www.stopmandatoryvaccination.com ]

The CDC Knew in 2001 That The MMR Vaccine Causes Autism!
In Dr. Brian Hooker’s second interview he discusses in detail his conversations with CDC lead scientist Dr. William Thompson and the revelation that the CDC committed fraud by hiding that the MMR vaccine causes Autism in certain populations. The documentary Vaxxed: From Cover-Up To Catastrophe is about this topic. Dr. Hooker’s segment is free until 6pm PST today! Want to own the entire series? Vaccines Revealed offers multiple ways to own this amazing 9-part docu-series – just scroll down the watch page and click the options. CLICK HERE to watch for free. See below if you have sign up issues. ~ Larry Cook

Vaccines Revealed Sign Up Issues

Some people are reporting trouble with signing up for Vaccines Revealed. Here is what to do:
1) First, sign up to watch by CLICKING HERE
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3) If the system rejects your email or if you do not get a reply email, please email  info@vaccinesrevealed.com to be manually entered into the system. Please mention that I sent you. – Larry

The 9-Day Series “Vaccines Revealed” Has Begun!
Click Here to register now for this exclusive, world-wide event.


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