Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. announces the World Mercury Project’s $100,000 challenge: Multiple Links

Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. & Robert De Niro, National Press Club Conference, 2/15/17

Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. announces the World Mercury Project’s $100,000 challenge with goal of stopping use of highly toxic mercury in vaccines.
Kennedy explained that the WMP will pay $100,000 to the first journalist, or other individual, who can find a peer-reviewed scientific study demonstrating that thimerosal is safe in the amounts contained in vaccines currently being administered to American children and pregnant women. Kennedy believes that even “a meager effort at homework” will expose that contention as unsupported by science. He says the science is unequivocal that mercury is a serious health hazard and exposure is linked to many different diseases and conditions (ADHD, Alzheimer’s, Acrodynia and Autism). Even studies listed by the CDC on its website, to exonerate thimerosal as an autism culprit, link thimerosal exposure to low IQ, diminished language and motor skills, and tics, a family of neurological disorders that includes Tourette Syndrome. A Yale University study published last week suggests a link between vaccines and tics, as well as anorexia and OCD.

And for those who say the science has been settled since Dr. Andrew Wakefield’s Lancet paper on the MMR vaccine and its role in causing autism was discredited, think again. The paper had nothing to do with thimerosal, which is not in the MMR vaccine.


Louise Kuo Habakus comments on the RFK Jr./ Robert DeNiro press conference for World Mercury Project $100,000 challenge:
We want our heroes powerful, articulate, and most of all brave. I saw all this at this morning’s press conference. But the bravest thing I saw?

Bob DeNiro as a father and a citizen and a human being who’s early in his process of grasping the full magnitude of it all. It’s messy and mind blowing and beautiful. He rejected the opportunity to don a mask and play a role. I’ve always loved him for his emotional authenticity. This morning, he showed up.

And that’s what’s happening all over. Parents are waking up. Give them a chance to show up. Extend grace and compassion. Let them see that there’s support and community. We’ll be announcing our spring event soon. The proposed venue seats 1,400 and is 5 minutes from the Lincoln Tunnel. Let’s do this.


CDC Knew Its Vaccine Program Was Exposing Children to Dangerous Mercury Levels Since 1999
Uncovered documents show that the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) knew that infant vaccines were exposing American children to mercury far in excess of all federal safety guidelines since 1999. The documents, created by a FDA consulting toxicologist, show how federal regulators concealed the dangerous impacts and lied to the public.


Kennedy and DeNiro Throw Down the Gauntlet Against Vaccines…
By Kent Heckenlively, J.D.

Kennedy stepped in next, noting the great danger of mercury in vaccines, noting that 48 million flu shots filled with mercury are given to pregnant women each year, and that this is certainly behind the rise in conditions like autism, allergies, and auto-immune diseases.

Kennedy went on to say that he considered this to be journalistic malpractice, since journalists were not aggressively challenging the Centers for Disease Control and so he had a challenge. Kennedy was offering any journalist $100,000 if they could produce a single study showing that the injection of mercury into children was safe. He stated that his goal was to create an open public discussion on this issue.

Nico La Hood, the district attorney for Houston, Texas.

Another member of the group was Nico La Hood, the district attorney for Houston, Texas. In a statement released earlier he said, “Many challengers say to me, ‘correlation is not causation.’ In my world, correlation means investigation. But to them, correlation means ignorance. That makes no sense to me. What is everyone afraid of? Let’s follow the evidence wherever it leads.”

… Del Bigtree said in conclusion, “This is a victorious day. But it’s because of finding common ground, staying focused on that. This is ultimately all about our children, and then about our health because they’re going to be force-vaccinating adults as well. This is freedom hanging in the balance.”


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