Girl’s Severe HPV Vaccine Injury Goes Viral

[Note: The following is the full text of an email sent by The “HPV Vaccine” discussed below is referring to the vaccine for Human papillomavirus.]



Girl’s Severe HPV Vaccine Injury Goes Viral

“She’s currently just rotting in a hospital bed & no one cares!”

HPV Vaccine Destroys Another Child
Yesterday I noticed a post in my Stop Mandatory Vaccination Facebook Group that had been posted just 11 hours earlier. The post already had 1,500 shares and caught my attention. A mom – Gini – posted several videos of her 12 year old daughter, Mia: 1 of her singing and in pretty good shape, and the others of her having trouble walking, and also convulsing. She said her health deteriorated quickly after the HPV vaccination.

My Mission
I decided to make it my mission to really get her story out there and started sharing it everywhere on Facebook – on my timeline, in my Group and other groups, on my Stop Mandatory Vaccination Page, and elsewhere. I noticed that there were only 4 comments and that I could not comment. I sent Gini a message and asked her to make it public so we could comment and therefore help with Facebook algorithms that would show her story to more people. What happened next I was not prepared for: the post literally took off and there were hundreds and hundreds of comments per hour and thousands of shares per hour.  It went viral.

Trolls Attack
Unfortunately, trolls got involved and started attacking, saying she was faking the story because of a Twitter comment. Well, yes, Mia did have a condition previously, but that does not negate the vaccine injury. Gini finally had to turn off commenting at 4,480 comments. The post has already been shared over 34,800 times and there are over 11,000 Likes. Gini set up a new Page and explains more of the back story there.

Share Her Story
This is a story worth sharing! If you are on Facebook, feel free to CLICK HERE to go to the post, read it and watch the videos and then share it. You can read the back story by CLICKING HERE to get to her new Page about Mia’s journey.

Our Mission
The media is not going to help us get the word out about vaccine injury. This is OUR MISSION and we must use social media whenever we can. This is such a powerful story that I hope you will share it as well so we can inform more parents about this horrendous vaccine. Right now is the best time to share it while it still has viral energy. Thank you for helping to spread awareness to parents everywhere.

~ Larry


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