Google Blacklists NaturalNews.Com CENSORING All 140,000 Pages

[Note: The following is the text of an email from Stop Mandatory Vaccination (]

Google Blacklists NaturalNews.Com CENSORING All 140,000 Pages

Wow, it’s true, Mike Adams Natural News website – all 144,000 pages – have been deleted from Google’s search engine. I suppose it’s only a matter of time before Facebook starts banning our anti-vaccine posts.


Try this experiment: Go to Google, search for “natural news” and see what comes up. You will find a “” website, but that is not You will see their Facebook page named, but that is not their website.

If Google is willing to delete an entire website right out of its index, who is next? What’s important to understand here is not that we can go and use another search engine – of course we can. What’s important is that Google is censoring a website that people find every day through searches on Google about alternative health topics. Like vaccines! Mike is against vaccine mandates and vaccines in general (among other things). This is major censorship!

What if Facebook follows suit and starts banning our posts that oppose vaccine mandates?!

Let’s be proactive. Please feel free to share my email sign up page with your friends by email and on Facebook by CLICKING HERE to access my sign up page.

CLICK HERE to read what Mike Adams has to say about the blacklisting of his website.

And CLICK HERE to read what Mike wrote a WEEK AGO about being threatened and that he would suffer consequences if he did not go along with the plan (he refused, and is now paying the price).

Let’s support each other the fight of our lives to protect the sanctity of our blood and freedom of speech!

~ Larry



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