The Big Gamble

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by Ted Kuntz

I was the parent of a vaccine injured child. My son was injured by the DPT vaccine in 1984 and developed an uncontrolled seizure disorder.

“If the public were ever to lose confidence in vaccination, it would mark the beginning of the end of the medical establishment as we know it today.”
Dr. Robert Mendelsohn

The vaccine industry, including the government agencies mandated with the responsibility for vaccine oversight, are gambling. They are gambling that the best way to preserve public confidence in the vaccine program is to deny and disavow any claims of the role of vaccines in causing the serious adverse events that are witnessed following vaccination.

But what the vaccine industry hasn’t taken into consideration is that parents are waking up to the harm that is being done to their children.

Rather than acknowledge and investigate every act of injury or harm as occurs in most other industries, most notably the airline safety industry and the food safe industry, the vaccine industry has adopted the mantra of “safe and effective” and “vaccines do not cause autism”. Their official position is “the science is settled” and “no further research is needed”.

“Any possible doubts, whether or not well founded, about the safety of the vaccine cannot be allowed to exist.”
Federal Register. Vol 49, No 107 June 1, 1984

When the number of mandated vaccines and the number of reported adverse events was low, this strategy held a high likelihood of success. The number of injuries was not significant enough to capture the attention of the mass consciousness.

But as the number of mandated vaccines has grown from a handful to more than 69 doses by the age of eighteen, and as the number of children injured or killed by vaccines has reached epidemic proportions (1 in 6 has a chronic neurological or immunological condition), the house of cards which forms the basis of the vaccine paradigm is faltering. With each vaccine added to the recommended vaccine schedule, the complexity of drug interactions and the mounting toxic load increases the certainty of a collapse.

A wise and safety conscious industry would evaluate the risk of collapse and carefully manage the number of vaccines parents ought to be required to inject into their children. They would know that a system based on trust can dissolve overnight as occurred with the bubble and the financial and housing meltdown of 2008.

But the vaccine industry is not wise. It is not safety conscious. It sees only unlimited potential for growth and profit. It has been lulled into complacency and the illusion of invulnerability by the 1986 Act of Congress, which relieved the vaccine industry of all legal liability for the safety of their products.

This lack of legal liability and accountability, the assurance of a captured and expanding market due to government imposed mandates, and the lack of any real investigative journalism by the “not so free press” has produced a climate of exponential growth that is too attractive and financially rewarding to resist.



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