Sneak peek of ‘The Truth About Vaccines’ — FREE Docu-Series

[The following is an email from Stop Mandatory Vaccination ( ]

60 Top Vaccine Experts Unite To Ensure Your Child’s Safety In This FREE Docu-Series Created For All Concerned Parents

I just received this and wanted to pass it along…

Here’s a sneak peek of The Truth About Vaccines, coming out on April 12th

Go here to watch the teaser preview

I know Ty Bollinger and his team have an amazing 7 days queued up, and I’m so excited to see it… on so many levels.

For one, this topic is heating up in the halls of Congress right now, with vaccine safety concerns once again surging, particularly for young children and seniors.

And two, this thing is going to be chock full of helpful information on this topic that I know will make a difference for you and your family.

Regardless of your position on vaccines, I encourage you to register to watch this series.  This series is about getting the facts (and the full story that’s not being told), and understanding what all your options are.

Taking the time to get educated and get the facts will bring you peace and confidence, knowing how to best care for yourself and your family and keep them safe.

Go here to watch the sneak peek

To your health,

P.S. – If you scroll to the bottom of that page, you’ll see a place where you can register to watch the entire series for FREE.

Go here to watch the sneak peek



Episode 1 – Airs on April 12th at 9:00 P.M. EDT sharp!
The History of Vaccines, Smallpox, Vaccine Safety & the Current CDC Schedule

Episode 2 – Airs on April 13th at 9:00 P.M. EDT
What’s in a Vaccine? Are Vaccines Effective? … and … What About Polio?

Episode 3 – Airs on April 14th at 9:00 P.M. EDT
An Analysis of the MMR & DTaP Vaccines & Vaccinating for the Greater Good

Episode 4 – Airs on April 15th at 9:00 P.M. EDT
Examining Influenza, the HIB and Pneumococcal Vaccines & Herd Immunity

Episode 5 – Airs on April 16th at 9:00 P.M. EDT
Considering the HPV and Hepatitis B Vaccines, SIDS & Shaken Baby Syndrome

Episode 6 – Airs on April 17th at 9:00 P.M. EDT
A Closer Look at the CDC, Chicken-Pox and Rotavirus Vaccines & Retroviruses

Episode 7 – Airs on April 18th at 9:00 P.M. EDT
Natural Immunization, Homeoprophylaxis & Fundamental Freedom of Choice

Each episode will be available for 24 hours online for you to watch, then it’s taken down to put up the next episode.


Let’s share this lifesaving event with every parent you know!!!


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