Powerful Spoken Word Vaccine Injury Video — Must See!

Please share widely. Powerful testimony from a mother, giving voice to the unspeakable.

h/t StopMandatoryVaccination.com

In this masterful and heartfelt #crazymothers Spoken Word presentation, Hillary Simpson gives us an intimate look into mothering, her son’s vaccine injury, what vaccine injury looks like, the vaccine injury recovery process, and most importantly, her challenge to vaccine injury denialists who tell her that she is a crazy mother. THIS is what EDUCATED looks like. SHARE far and wide and let the truth be known. www.stopmandatoryvaccination.com



One thought on “Powerful Spoken Word Vaccine Injury Video — Must See!

  1. My story is not common I was injected with the MMR2 vaccine while pregnant (30 yrs ago) It was a nightmare I suffered through out the pregnancy ( this took place in a clinic ) I did not give consent for this to take place to me …I was told what happened and they said I should abort him..I did not I carried to tern and our son was born blind in one eye … seizures etc..very ill for many years …Why did this happened to us …Any advice ….Debra …


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