‘Anti-Hate’ Group Deploys Warfare Tactics Against Mercola + Covid-1984: Censorship & Medical Tyranny + Our Basic Rights ‘in Peril’

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‘Anti-Hate’ Group Deploys Warfare Tactics Against Mercola
Dr. Mercola Defamed by Digital ‘Anti-Hate’ Group
Rather than encouraging a conversation about vaccine safety to increase public trust, the British and US governments are instead shutting down any discussion around the COVID-19 vaccine. Why are they attacking me?

— Mercola.com has been labeled a national security threat by British and American intelligence agencies that are collaborating to eliminate “anti-vaccine propaganda” from public discussion using sophisticated cyberwarfare tools
— Imran Ahmed, chief executive of the Centre for Countering Digital Hate (CCDH), has made statements implying that people who question the safety and necessity of a COVID-19 vaccine might be prone to violent extremism — a defamatory statement that has no basis in reality
— In a December 22, 2020, Twitter post, the CCDH states that “Anti-vaxxers have been meeting secretly to plan how to stop the COVID vaccine.” According to The Washington Post, the CCDH report quotes “leaked audio” from this supposedly “secret” meeting
— However, audio was not “leaked,” as it came from presentations given at the Fifth International Public Conference on Vaccination, held online October 16 through 18, 2020 that was in no way “private” or held in secret. It was open to the public just like the previous four conferences on vaccination that NVIC has sponsored beginning in 1997
— Censorship is anathema to a democratically run, free and open society. While there may not be a benefit to allowing misinformation to be disseminated, the risks of censoring are simply too grave to be justifiable

Matt Gaetz Firewall To Socialism…

FNC’s Carlson Warns Capitol Hill Riots Will Be Used to Strip Americans of Their Rights — Basic Rights ‘in Peril’

Was the assault on the Capitol building a false flag?

CORTES: Republic… Or Oligarchy?
At the conclusion of the Constitutional Convention in Philadelphia in 1787, when asked what kind of government the Framers had created for our new nation, Benjamin Franklin reportedly responded: “a republic, if you can keep it.”

To the people of lockdown California: it’s jailbreak time

What’s Not Being Said About the Pfizer Coronavirus Vaccine. “Human Guinea Pigs”?

Covid-1984: Censorship & Medical Tyranny (with Spiro Skouras)
By Helen of Destroy

Welcome to 2021, the theatrical performance for which 2020 was merely a dress rehearsal. If you haven’t been deplatformed yet, don’t worry, you will be. That is, unless we can get our shit together as a species and work together to pry the boot off our faces. The sooner we do that, the better.

Spiro was recently booted off Twitter for wrongthink. There’s a lot of that going around these days, no matter how meticulously-researched one’s content is. We are an information war – don’t bring a plastic fork to a drone strike.

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A Pandemic of Insanity
You see them everywhere. Men and women walking down the street, all of them with masks on their faces and cell phones in their hands. People jogging, with masks covering their faces and cell phones in their hands. Mothers wheeling their babies with one hand, holding a cell phone in the other hand, with a mask covering their face.

We Are at War
We are at war. Yes. And I don’t mean the West against the East, against Russia and China, nor the entire world against an invisible corona virus.

No. We, the common people, are at war against an ever more authoritarian and tyrannical elitist Globalist system, reigned by a small group of multi-billionaires, that planned already decades ago to take power over the people, to control them, reduce them to what a minute elite believes is an “adequate number” to inhabit Mother Earth – and to digitize and robotize the rest of the survivors, as a sort of serfs. It’s a combination of George Orwell’s “1984” and Aldous Huxley’s “Brave New World”.

Welcome to the age of the transhumans. If we allow it.

The Opening Act Of The New “War On Domestic Terror”


BLM and MAGA Come Together to Oppose Forced Vaccination Bill in New York
By Matt Agorist

New York — Last month, Assemblymember Linda Rosenthal — who is not a doctor, nor a scientist and holds only a bachelor’s degree in history — proposed a massively controversial bill that would mandate the COVID-19 vaccination for New Yorkers. Naturally, she is being met with resistance.

According to the NY Times, Rosenthal says her parents escaped Nazi Germany in the ’30s to come to America. Ironically enough, it was the Nazis who were famous for forcing medical procedures on citizens against their will. Now, Rosenthal has come full circle and is embracing the very ideology her parents fled.

“If enough science deniers opt out of the voluntary vaccine process, we will not achieve the necessary level of community immunity, which will undermine the efficacy of our vaccination efforts statewide,” Rosenthal said in a recent interview after proposing the controversial bill, No. A11179, which says the state can mandate vaccination if the level of voluntary vaccination is not high enough to result in herd immunity.

But is it really denying science to question the safety of a vaccine that has not been tested in the long term?

As TFTP has reported, the COVID-19 vaccine itself is controversial given its rush to market. Never before in history has a vaccine been developed and approved in under 9 months. By the very definition, this vaccine’s long term results are entirely unknown.


COVID 19 — History’s Greatest Conquest?

Dr. Andrew Wakefield Discusses Covid mRNA

Bill Gates Funding Plan To Dim The Sun’s Rays through Geoengineering

Nazism, COVID-19 and the destruction of modern medicine – An interview with Vera Sharav

Dr. James Lyons-Weiler: Public Health Has a Plan B

James Lyons-Weiler, PhD, 1/5/2021

AS ONE WHO UNDERSTANDS complex dynamic systems, and is admittedly puzzled by the death of bioethics in the United States over the last decade, and as one with first-hand direct experience witnessing the pressures placed on biomedical researchers that place bottom-line concerns over health outcomes, in honor of those individuals in medicine and public health who have stayed the course and not sold out, I am pleased to propose a new approach to Public Health in one of my two latest peer-reviewed publications. It is a blueprint for reason-based, reality-based public health and a return to the public good model of medical practice.

Due to suppression, please share this across diverse social media platforms and by email. Take it to those who say they represent you. We must succeed.

Lyons-Weiler, J. 2020. Plan B Public Health Infrastructure and Operations
Oversight Reform for America. Intl J Vacc Theor, Pract, Research 1(2):283-294.

Click here
to read Lyons-Weiler, J. 2020. Plan B Public Health Infrastructure and Operations Oversight Reform for America. Intl J Vacc Theor, Pract, Research 1(2):283-294.



[Comment: Is this another part of the scam?… creating artificial shortages of the vaccine to gin up ‘demand’?]


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