Watch: FL Gov. DeSantis ‘Challenging All Mandates in Federal Court’ + The Great National Showdown Over Worker Mandates For The COVID Vaccine Looms – Don’t Flinch + The Unvaccinated Are Looking Smarter Every Week + DEFUND the Media!

Watch: FL Gov. DeSantis ‘Challenging All Mandates in Federal Court’ + The Great National Showdown Over Worker Mandates For The COVID Vaccine Looms – Don’t Flinch + The Unvaccinated Are Looking Smarter Every Week + DEFUND the Media!


Florida Gov. DeSantis “Challenging All Mandates in Federal Court”
[SVC: We love the “EARLY TREATMENT SAVES LIVES” sign on the podium!]


The Unvaccinated Are Looking Smarter Every Week – American Thinker


Children Thrive and Are Happy in Mask-Free Florida School Centner Academy

Centner Academy in Miami, FL has taken a stand against the masking of our children! Watch their video to hear first-hand reports from parents whose children suffered by wearing masks and how moving their children to Centner Academy has been life changing! Hear CEO and founder Leila Centner detail how children new to the school opened up and thrived once they no longer had to wear a mask. We must end child masking!


Robert Kennedy holds Vaccine Freedom rally in New York City…


#HappeningNow Hundreds of anti-mandate Protesters chant “Defund the Media” in front of the New York Times Building.



“Defund the Media!” – Anti-Vax Mandate Protesters Gather Outside New York Times Building (VIDEO)


Video from yesterday’s NYC Broadway Rally for Freedom


[From last week]


Dr. Stella Immanuel: “The Whole Pandemic Was A TROJAN HORSE For Vaccines – Fauci Is Epitome Of Evil.”


Watch: ‘Let’s Go Brandon!’ Song Soars to #1 on iTunes


Let’s go Brandon’: Anti-Biden chants go global

Anti-Biden protests have gone global, with a video posted to Twitter showing crowds marching past the US embassy in Rome shouting expletives against the President.

The move is part of a rising trend of public utterances against the incumbent President, who is facing a myriad of foreign and domestic controversies.


The Great National Showdown Over Worker Mandates For The COVID Vaccine Looms – Don’t Flinch

If we split the difference (census -vs- BLS) and take the mid-point at 140 million workers, then 60 million workers refusing the vaccine mandate represents about 40 percent of the entire population of eligible workers. Put another way, in the best case scenario, if 60 million people quit working or were fired, the national unemployment rate would be at least 35% !

What we call the United States doesn’t function with 35% unemployment; systems of commerce start to collapse, then government, then civil society.

Pontificating leftists and academics, without a bit of sense for what actually happens in the Main Street economy, have no concept of what it looks like if ten million people quit or are fired from working next month…. let alone five times that many. Bottom line: THIS IS A NON-ENFORCEABLE MANDATE, even if they wanted to do it.

The system will not function if 50+ million American workers stand united against the vaccine mandate. It really is that simple.

From a commonsense and logistical perspective, regardless of the federal outlook, there’s no way they can pull it off. We are the quiet, and according to those who look down their noses – the “invisible” unwashed masses. However, when it comes to keeping the gears turning, we are the majority. We keep their shit working and just want to be left alone….

…. This is The Hill


A deep dive into the peculiar horror of mRNA “vaccines”: Dr. Stephanie Seneff

Wednesday 10/13 our 20th Episode of Against the Wind, Doctors and Science Under Fire, with Dr. Paul Thomas Today on, watch Senior Research Scientist at MIT, Stephanie Seneff, PhD, and medical research journalist Neil Z. Miller discuss the emerging scientific data related to the safety of C19 mRNA therapies, with a plethora of warnings and safety concerns for pregnant women and children. Also, Bernadette Pajer offers a number of available studies and resources you will want to check out. #MedicalFreedom #InformedConsent #ProScience #ProImmunity



Mark Crispin Miller comments:

“Thus Pfizer could be channelling both IG Farben (whose Zyklon B was roughly comparable to the “vaccine”) and
IBM (whose Hollerith system helped the Nazis track the Jews).”


A Patent Issued for The Purpose of Contact Tracing All Vaccinated Humans Worldwide – “Wake up stupid little sheep. You are being led to your slaughter.”

“What I’m suggesting is the inoculation is a guise to literally put in metallic materials, that are potentially magnetic, to interact with satellites or cell towers with the human body. In other words, rather than using a cell phone you can use your body and your cell phone for remotely testing, let’s say, blood sugars or blood pressure or oxygen levels. And this is what the patent actually suggests that Pfizer took out, that was awarded just last month, 31 August of this year.

“This was the conclusion that I came to: that it is the very first patent that shows up in a list of about 18,500 for the purpose of contact tracing of, I believe, all vaccinated humans worldwide who will be or are now connected to the Internet of Things,” Dr. Robert Young said during an interview which you can watch HERE (extract starts at 24 mins).

Dr. Young was referring to patent US11107588 B2: Methods and Systems of Prioritizing Treatments, Vaccination, Testing And / Or Activities While Protecting the Privacy of Individuals.


Dr. Robert Young: What’s In COVID Shots, WHY Graphene, WHO is Responsible


Every day, Emerald Robinson SPITS TRUTH FIRE from her Twitter!


Devolution of COVID vaccine efficacy.


LegendaryEnergy on Twitter


America: Land of the Slaves and Home of the Cowards – The Entitlement Majority Call Themselves “Victims”


The Revolving Door: All 3 FDA-authorized COVID shot companies now employ former FDA commissioners
System of corruption.



The ‘Plandemic’ and the Great Awakening

The Highly Censored yet Most Viewed Documentary Ever

48 hour link:

PDF here:

Released May 4, 2020, this eye-popping documentary has been viewed over 1 billion times, despite being universally censored. Part 2 followed in its path with more than 200 million views. And now, Part 3 is on its way. This blacklisted information is sure to change the way you view the world.


— Mikki Willis’ documentary “Plandemic” was released May 4, 2020, and has since been viewed over 1 billion times, despite being universally censored. “Plandemic Part 2: Indoctornation” has also been viewed more than 200 million times

— “Plandemic: Indoctornation” features David Martin, Ph.D., who has documented and tracked white collar crime for decades and invented technologies that help trace the flow of funding

— Martin helped educate Sens. Ron Paul and Ron Johnson when they started to go after Dr. Anthony Fauci to finally hold him accountable for his decades of crimes

— While many blame the encroaching tyranny on incompetence, the evidence suggests it’s not incompetence at all. It was planned this way

— Ultimately, the plan is to create a state of dependency, through which the technocratic elite can then control the human population. “Plandemic Part 3” will delve into this plan to show the history behind it and how it has led us to where we are right now. It will also review how we can rebuild society after it falls apart


Patents Prove COVID Fraud and Illegal Dealings

Don’t believe it for one minute when experts say SARS-CoV-2 is a ‘novel’ virus, one we’ve never seen before. Some 4,000 patents and patent applications prove otherwise. Even more chilling are the published statements from 2016 calling for media to create the hype to boost vaccine acceptance.

48 hour link:

PDF here:


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