Important! Urge Gov. DeSantis to VETO SB 7014, which gives IMMUNITY to Hospitals! + TODAY: Deliver ‘Proposed Indictment’ re: Covid Crimes Against Humanity, to your State Attorney or Prosecutor + Justin Castro cracks down on the Freedom Convoy + CBC: ‘Freedom’ is Racist


Urge Governor Ron DeSantis to Veto SB 7014 –
Extends Lawsuit Protections for Hospitals Which Incentivizes One-sized Fits all Medical Care


In March of 2021, Senate Bill 72 was passed and signed by the Governor. This bill created civil liability protections for individuals, businesses, governmental entities, and health care organizations against COVID-19-related claims for one year.

Senate Bill 7014 was submitted in the 2022 session, it extends liability protections (that were created in SB72 last year) for hospitals until June of 2023. MOST IMPORTANTLY, it makes it very difficult for a patient to ever seek recourse when the hospital makes a mistake. We need quality medical care and the opportunity to seek protocols outside of the CDC standard. Giving a hospital immunity does not lead to better care, it just leads to better compliance.

There are many successful treatment protocols when it comes to Covid and Florida families are being denied the standard of care they are advocating for in the hospital because it doesn’t comply with the one-sized fits all CDC protocols. Because of this denial, families are seeing their loved ones die, when they could have easily been saved. 

Because Health Freedom Florida is a pro-medical choice, grassroots organization, we are asking you to urge Governor Ron DeSantis to veto the billIncentivized, one-sized fits all protocols do not “save lives,” our legislature must go back to focusing on protecting the people, not the industry. Florida deserves better, we need mass action on this for DeSantis to veto the bill, join us.



TODAY — Deliver ‘Proposed Indictment’ re: Covid Crimes Against Humanity, to your State Attorney or Prosecutor

[SVC: For more information about the following, please see our post from yesterday, here:

The Constitutional Law Group is urging people nationwide, to deliver this “Proposed Indictment” TODAY (2/14/22) to their respective County Prosecutor — in Florida’s case, the equivalent position is the “State Attorney” for the Judicial Circuit in which you reside — and to ask the Prosecutor to investigate these crimes, and to convene a Grand Jury to obtain indictments against the perpetrators.

The Constitutional Law Group is encouraging people to do this in person, TODAY at 3 pm eastern time (or the equivalent time in your respective time zone), however, they also provide instructions on how to submit these documents via Registered Mail.

For Our Love of Freedom

St. Valentine’s Day, Monday, February 14th, 2022, 3pm EST



The proposed indictment that we are providing is the evidence necessary for your county prosecutor to file a mass tort claim in the name of We the People and expose the crimes against humanity.

By providing every county prosecutor in America with this evidence, We the People set off a coordinated, nation-wide criminal investigation into these crimes against humanity.

If any county prosecutors fail to initiate a criminal investigation, We the People shall hold them criminally and civilly liable for their complacency of ignoring the mass genocide plaguing America and the world and we shall pursue their indemnity bonds.

It is time for We the People to stand in unison to end the unlawful tyranny that has harmed and affected all of humanity.

Please Note: You may chose to file anonymously or file a formal criminal complaint.


[SVC: For more information about this project, please see our post from yesterday, here:


Canadian State Media Declare Freedom is Racist


The Canadian Broadcasting Corporation (CBC), a media entity funded by the Canadian government, announces today that “freedom” is a word used by extremist “far-right” groups. These are the same labeled groups the Canadian government has called racist and worse.

Yes, the official position from the Canadian state media [Article Here] is that freedom is racist.

Marxism in its most historically accurate form, always uses manipulation of language as a technique for influencing society. Political correctness is better known as cultural Marxism, because that is actually what happens. This type of ridiculous effort by leftist media does not need to be countered, it just needs to be mocked and ridiculed mercilessly.

When everything is extremism, nothing is extremism. When everything is racist, nothing is racist. Remember, political protests the leftists do not support are called violence; and the political violence the leftists do support is called protest.


Globalists are coming for your cars, your cash, and your bodily integrity, and if they succeed they will own everything and you will be their slave in the coming digitized feudal system
‘We are all truckers now’


Klaus Schwab’s puppet ‘Young Global Leaders’ revealed — Trudeau in Canada, Buttigieg in U.S., Macron in France, and many more


TRUCKER CRACKDOWN BEGINS: Wild Scenes in Canada As Military, SWAT, and Police are all Sent in to Make Arrests and Tow Away Vehicles At Ambassador Bridge (VIDEO)


“A Sad, Sad Day For Canada” – Bystanders Watch in Horror as Police Arrest Elderly Convoy Participant After he Yelled Back at Them (VIDEO)


GiveSendGo HACKED… Demon Hackers Take Over GiveSendGo Website — Then Post the Personal Information of Freedom Convoy Donors Online


WATCH: Celebrities Defy Covid Restrictions, Go Maskless at Super Bowl LVI


Earn $2,500 if you can explain any of these medical mysteries, by Steve Kirsch
Here’s your chance to solve a mystery and win $2,500. Only the first solver wins. I am the sole judge of whether you have “proved” it, but my readers will be watching to keep me honest.


[SVC: We are reposting the link to this powerful, must-see speech by Tricia Lindsay, this time with the video embedded here… we agree with Mark Crispin Miller’s comments, also included below.]

FreedomConvoy USA “We have a right to resist and we have an obligation & duty to do so!” Tricia Lindsay


In New York City, Tricia Lindsay gave one of the greatest speeches yet about our mission, by Mark Crispin Miller

She gave the crowd an invaluable lesson on the Constitution and the law—and a sense of what it’s going to take to win this war

This was on January 19, but I only just now saw this video. Please share it far and wide.





[SVC: This is an EXCELLENT compilation of Sen. Ron Johnson’s Covid-19 Panel from last month.]

Hardest Hitting Moments from Ron Johnson’s January 2022 Covid Panel


Democrats who gleefully locked down economies for TWO years during pandemic now demand action against protesting Canadian truckers over “the economy”


[SVC: From our friend Vicki in California… about terrible new legislation proposed there; AB 1993 would make it mandatory for all employees to be injected in order to work in the state. Unfortunately, what happens in California, does not stay in California…]

Dear Friends,

This is so important. The bill may be heard in committee on March 13th. There is time to organize. As you will note, the Democrats are fully behind this and they have control over both Assembly and Senate. They apparently have not heeded the actions of the truckers and supporters in Canada. Please share broadly and request friends and colleagues to contact their representatives. That word has lost all meaning.

Always in Gratitude,



Note: all sponsors are Democrats.

AB 1993 which would make it mandatory for all employees to be injected in order to work in the state. Was introduced just a couple of days ago.

It would require every employee in CA to be vaccinated starting 1/1/23.

Assembly Bill 1993 would require workplaces and employers of all sizes to verify that their workers – both employees and independent contractors – are fully immunized against the COVID-19 virus. If it passes both houses and is signed into law by Gov. Gavin Newsom, the law would take effect on January 1, 2023.

“The pathway to endemic is through vaccines – and to get there, Californians need consistency and certainty,” Assemblymember Buffy Wicks (D-Oakland) said in a statement.


Silenced All-Star Doctors Destroy COVID Lies in 5 Hours

They’ve been censored, intimidated and had their reputations destroyed – yet this hasn’t stopped them from attempting to save millions from unnecessary COVID deaths. Discover how the CDC has lied to you about virtually everything in this eye-opening expose.

48 hour link:

PDF here:


New Threat to Life: The Internet of Underwater Things

One of the new frontiers of the financialization of nature is the Internet of Underwater Things. It involves introduction of extremely invasive technology into the oceans on a massive scale, in the name of trendy ‘sustainable development.’

48 hour link:

PDF here:


Ending Mandates Does Not Strip Government of the Ability to Do This Again BY JULIUS RUECHEL
How we navigate the end of mandates determines whether we win our freedom or whether we allow our leaders to normalize a Brave New World with conditional rights that can be turned off again during the next “emergency.”


Reparations for the Business Victims of Lockdowns BY JEFFREY A. TUCKER
The lockdowns were and are an intolerable attack on property rights, the freedom of association, free enterprise, and basic rights of trade and exchange that have been a bedrock of a thriving economy since the ancient world. They were also without precedent on this scale. We need a clear statement from the top that this was wrong, and did not achieve the aims. A well-constructed reparations package would make the point.


Viewer Boycott of the Olympic “Genocide Games” is Working!



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