Powerful Spoken Word Vaccine Injury Video — Must See!

Please share widely. Powerful testimony from a mother, giving voice to the unspeakable.

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In this masterful and heartfelt #crazymothers Spoken Word presentation, Hillary Simpson gives us an intimate look into mothering, her son’s vaccine injury, what vaccine injury looks like, the vaccine injury recovery process, and most importantly, her challenge to vaccine injury denialists who tell her that she is a crazy mother. THIS is what EDUCATED looks like. SHARE far and wide and let the truth be known. www.stopmandatoryvaccination.com




Pregnant Mothers Dying In America, Elderly Sicker Than Ever: Del Bigtree Video

h/t Vaccination News: https://www.vaccinationnews.org

Note: The first article discussed by Del Bigtree is this one: ‘What’s Killing America’s New Mothers? https://qz.com/1108193/whats-killing-americas-new-mothers/


Pregnant Mother’s Dying In America, Elderly Sicker Than Ever. Interview with Director of Ground Breaking Doc “What The Health”

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Refusal to Vaccinate Child Gets Mom Jail Time: A Deeper Analysis

Original here: http://www.greenmedinfo.com/blog/refusal-vaccinate-child-gets-mom-jail-time-deeper-analysis

By Jefferey Jaxen

“I want to make it perfectly clear. We’re leaving here today. Dad’s picking the child up and he’s going to be vaccinated regardless of what Mom did or didn’t do.” 

These were the words of Oakland County judge Karen McDonald during the open minutes of the recent court room proceedings that continue to grab international headlines. Metro Detroit’s Rebecca Bredow, the Mom, now sits in an Oakland Country jail with a criminal record forever attached to her name. Her 9-year-old son is now in temporary custody of his father who is ordered by the court to bring the child up to date on the boy’s vaccination status, which will be up to eight vaccines “…as rapidly as medically necessary.”

Unfortunately in America, the end result of cases like Bredow’s are becoming more and more common.  

Some are saying Bredow refused to vaccinate her child and is getting what she deserved but is it really that simple? The mainstream, corporate media narrative is attempting to paint a picture that Bredow’s case is an uncommon, one-and-done occurrence. The narrative is also suggesting that the family court process, when vaccination status is concerned, is a stone solid justice machine based on ‘settled vaccine science.’ The reality is that the judge and the court are taking a known and dangerous medical risk with another person’s child that they have no right to take. Do courts have the right to order an unavoidably unsafe medical intervention like vaccination in custody cases?

At minute 3:30 Judge McDonald makes clear her forced vaccination agenda.

Joel Dorfman of Michigan for Vaccine Choice, a group that advocates for parents’ rights to refuse vaccines told the Detroit Free Press, “If this child is injured as a result of being given eight immunizations, who do you think is going to take care of the child? The judge?”

Continues here:  http://www.greenmedinfo.com/blog/refusal-vaccinate-child-gets-mom-jail-time-deeper-analysis

Soon Regular Ed Will Ride the Small Bus

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Epidemic Denial: The Math is Simple
http://www.ageofautism.com/2017/08/epidemic-denial-the-math-is-simple.html ]


Soon Regular Ed Will Ride the Small Bus

Original here: http://www.ageofautism.com/2017/08/soon-regular-ed-will-ride-the-small-bus.html


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CHIPPEWA FALLS, WI — Anne Dachel is a relentless advocate for the health of America’s children. The mother of an adult son on the autism spectrum, Anne has been a teacher for three decades and has seen the stunning increase in the number of sick children (both mentally and physically) in America’s schools. She writes:

“We keep looking for ways to explain what’s happening to our children, while we pretend nothing has changed. I’ve heard lots of teachers say things like, ‘they come with so many issues from home,’ ‘they used to be kept at home,’ and ‘they used to be in institutions.’

The truth is, kids today live in a chemical soup. Toxins are everywhere. They breathe toxins, eat toxins, and have toxins injected into their bodies. It’s amazing they’re doing as well as they are.

When you look at the number of chronically sick kids that fill our schools, is it such a stretch to realize that their developmental health (social and behavioral) has been equally impaired?”

Anne relentlessly audits the media and how they report on the epidemic rise in autism and other neurological disorders. Her book, The Big Autism Cover-Up: How and Why the Media Is Lying to the American Public is an excellent critique of the mainstream media’s handling of the autism epidemic.

13% of Children are in Special Education!

Read more here.