Italians Rise Up Against New Mandatory Vaccination Law [video]

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Powerful video! We stand with you Italy! #medicalfreedom #trueinformedconsent

We Are Vaxxed with Catharine Layton and 8 others.
July 28 at 6:05am ·
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Italy’s last hope is to appeal to the president to veto the mandate. Please share this video and make sure Italian President, Sergio Mattarella, sees it.

Thank you Sara Bovolenta for help with translation!

Fines have been capped “for now” at €500.00 and clauses regarding removal of children have been amended.

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Millions Of Italians Rise Up Against New Mandatory Vaccination Law


Shareholder lawsuit: delightful weapon against drug companies

Original here:

May 24, by Jon Rappoport

The company is NewLink. The vaccine, or drug, depending on how it is defined, is called algenpantucel-L. A clinical trial of the drug recently failed to produce benefits in cancer patients, and the stock price of the company took a major dive.

A shareholder in NewLink, Rickey Ely, decided to sue.

His reasons are interesting, to say the least.

Clinical trials of new drugs seeking FDA approval go through four phases. The lawsuit states that phase 2 produced no encouraging results, violated standard protocol (there was no control group), and yet the company hyped the outcome of phase 2, and launched phase 3 only a few months after starting phase 2. Phase 3 shouldn’t have been initiated at all.

Owing to the company’s PR machine, shareholders were encouraged, but when phase 3 turned out to be a bust, the company’s stock price collapsed—thus punishing those shareholders.

Not only that, the lawsuit charges, but during the PR hype about the drug’s promising outlook, some execs of the company actually sold their own personal shares—1,154,161 shares worth $39.9 million—turning a very nice profit for themselves, before the stock price crashed.

A shareholder-lawsuit like this can be quite a strategy against drug companies (or any publicly held company). The shareholder, a part-owner of the company, is “working from the inside.” He’s “trying to protect the company from the harmful actions of its bosses.” Even if he only owns one share, he can sue.

In this case, Rickey Ely is directly suing several NewLink executives. That always tends to get execs’ attention.

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