Vaccination Destroys Natural Herd Immunity and Weakens The Population

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VACCINE MANDATES rest up the idea of “required” vaccine induced “herd immunity” to “protect” those who cannot be vaccinated, but in this video Dr. Andrew Wakefield clearly explains how vaccination actually destroys natural herd immunity, and thereby puts more people at risk!!! Natural herd immunity is what actually protects the population from mortality (death) and morbidity (rate of sickness). Dr. Andrew Wakefield gives examples of how natural herd immunity operates by discussing measles and the measles vaccine, mumps and the mumps vaccine, and chickenpox and the chickenpox vaccine. This is a must-see video for any anti-vaccine or vaccine free parent who wants to discuss vaccination with pro vaccine parents or those who advocate for mandatory vaccination.

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Experienced Florida Pediatrician Offers True Informed Vaccine Consent

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By Anne Dachel

March 31, 2017, FL Pediatrician: ‘Kids Are Sicker Than Ever’

Dr. Cornelia Franz, a Florida pediatrician   with over 30 years experience, talked to Polly Tommey about the state of our children’s health. Hers is an extremely rare and courageous position in the medical community. While she does vaccinate patients, it’s on a very limited scale and based on what parents want for their children. While many might be critical of a doctor who gives any vaccines, Dr. Franz provides parents with an option that is almost non-existent anywhere else, and in her practice, there is real informed consent.

“I started out the same as everybody else: ‘You need your vaccines.’ When I started practice everybody only got two at a time. I actually began to see problems with it even early on because when I started practice, we used the original DTP. So kids on monitors, I noticed that they had increased alarms after vaccines. …

“As time went on, in the late 80s, they started to increase the number of vaccines, and I had a problem with that because giving just two at a time was hard enough, but now they wanted to give 4, 5, 6 at a time. I made the decision at that time that our practice would only give two at a time. So it was never more than two at a time.

“As more time went on, I started seeing truly vaccine injured kids.  I started seeing a lot of autistic children, and their parents all said the same thing. They said: My child was fine till they got this shot and then within a week, we lost him. …They quit having eye contact, they lost language. And I heard that so often, and so then I started doing research. And the more I started researching, the more I found that the ingredients were also toxic.

“I can tell you today, having been in clinic practice for over 30 years, that the children I see today are sicker than they were when I was a resident. It’s like they’re genetically weaker. And we give four times, quadruple, the number of vaccines that we did when I started practice. …

“There’s a sign …that says by the time your kids is five, they get 81 different vaccines. It’s really 117, and it’s not really vaccines, but it’s antigens. So like a DTP is diphtheria, tetanus, and whooping cough, and there are three ingredients. So you get diphtheria, tetanus, whooping cough—you get five of those total. So you get 15 different components there. Hib has three separate strains, so you get four times three, you get 12. Prevnar has 13 strains of pneumococus, so you get four times thirteen, 52. When you add all that up, leaving out the flu vaccine, you get 117 different vaccine antigens by the time they’re five. When I started practice, they got 30 to 33. So it’s huge.

“What I can tell you is from clinical practice because my field is clinical practice, not research. I’ve just seen so many vaccine injured kids. It’s over and over and over.”


@realdonaldtrump Why I’m not mad about your new CDC director

[SVC comment regarding Dr. Brenda Fitzgerald, recently appointed by Health and Human Services Secretary, Tom Price, to succeed Tom Frieden as the director of the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC): There is currently much speculation as to whether Dr. Fitzgerald will make any attempt to restore integrity and accountability to the CDC. In particular, CDC’s vaccine program — which RFK Jr. has called a “cesspool” of corruption — must be completely overhauled, including the removal of all profit incentive to benefit the CDC. 

It’s worth noting that Dr. Fitzgerald is an obstetrician-gynecologist and a former president of the Georgia OB-GYN Society. As we observe Dr. Fitzgerald as she settles in at CDC, in keen hope that she will do the right thing for women, infants and children, let’s never forget that most of the official package inserts provided by the vaccine manufacturers contain language similar to the following:

“Safety and effectiveness of have not been established in pregnant women or nursing mothers.” (See Doctors Give Flu Shots to Pregnant Women Despite Evidence of Harm to Fetus)

This is only the tip of the iceberg with regard to the harm caused by the current vaccination schedule. So, we watch, to see whether Dr. Fitzgerald will do everything in her power to protect informed consent and choice in medical risk-taking, including vaccinations.]


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July 7, 2017 ~ By Levi Quackenboss

Our troops are up in arms over the Atlanta Journal-Constitution’s article that ran last week, breaking the news that Trump is considering Brenda Fitzgerald, the Georgia Health Commissioner, as the new Director of the CDC. Her confirmation was announced by HHS two hours ago. 

Is Dr. Brenda what we call “vaccine friendly?” Not in the slightest. Under her reign, Georgia instituted a requirement that notarized religious vaccine exemptions affirmed that vaccines are necessary to prevent the spread of dangerous diseases, vaccines are safe, and that unvaccinated kids are at risk of spreading those diseases to other people, including to the parent who is signing the exemption.

Three years ago Dr. Brenda wrote a love letter to the prenatal Tdap called “Babies Need Their Vaccines“ for the same newspaper that had the scoop on her federal appointment.

Do you know what really gets under my skin? Calling vaccines by a name that gives their ownership to a newborn. It’s gross. They are not the baby’s shots. They are Merck’s shots and Pfizer’s shots, and the pediatrician bought those shots, so if anything, they are the doctor’s shots.  “Babies Need Doctor Shots” is a more accurate title for her essay.

In her letter she makes sweeping platitudes such as, “I’ve heard all the arguments against vaccination. All have been debunked.” Sweet Jesus, I don’t even know what she’s talking about–  “all” of these vaccinated vs. unvaccinated studies that debunk the damage our children live with every day?

She signs off with, “I am a mother. I am vaccinated. And I ask you to join me.”

Bless her heart. This lady is 72 years old. She got all the way to the age of 10 before the polio vaccine was even invented. If we didn’t vaccinate kids until they were 10 our autism rates would be down to the 1 in 10,000 people that actually have a genetic predisposition for it.

Anyway. She’s obviously not a top 100 choice for any of us.

I don’t know why she’s been appointed. I watch House of Cards so I can only imagine the deals that go down before this kind of decision is made. She’s had political aspirations for a while; she’s run for Congress twice and lost.

In my opinion, the only business Dr. Brenda has being director of the CDC is if she’s there to dismantle it because she’d eventually be out of a job anyway, and Trump or someone else has promised to give her a juicy position afterward.

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The Canary Party’s New Viral Video: Do Vaccines Cause Autism?

September 8, 2013

[Note: This video is almost four years old, but, unfortunately, it’s still as relevant as ever. Shockingly, Congress has yet to hold hearings regarding the ongoing scandals at the CDC, and has yet to formally hear from Dr. William Thompson, the CDC whistleblower who has publicly stated that he participated in the destruction of research documents pertaining to the MMR vaccine, which showed an increased rate of autism for children who receive that vaccine. For more, see this.]

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For many years now, families of vaccine injured children have had difficult time trying to explain to the uninitiated why the vaccine program is so problematic.  Vaccine interests constantly push the sound bite, “vaccines are safe, vaccines save lives,” but the harsh reality of the damage being done is a much more complicated story.

The Canary Party has produced a five minute video to explain the heart of the vaccine problem in this country.  Because liability protection has been removed from all involved in making and administering vaccines, the program has become corrupted, begun harming untold numbers of children, and abandoning the injured.

SNL Alumni Rob Schneider graciously voiced the important video, which makes the case that the vaccine program is broken, and informs viewers of the upcoming Congressional hearings examining the Vaccine Injury Compensation Program in the House Committee on Oversight & Government Reform.


Do vaccines cause autism?

In the last 30 years, the childhood vaccine schedule has tripled —while the US autism rate has skyrocketed from 1 in 10,000 to 1 in FIFTY. Dozens of published research papers show that YES, vaccines and autism are linked.

Yet the “debate” rages on in part, because of the 1986 National Childhood Vaccine Injury Act*—passed by Congress as a result of pharmaceutical lobbying.  It shields drug companies from liability for injuries and deaths caused by the vaccines they manufacture… vaccines that the federal government admits are “unavoidably unsafe.”

To see how this tilted the law in big pharma’s favor, let’s look at Eric, a child suffering from vaccine-induced autism.

Had Eric been harmed by a pharmaceutical product other than vaccines, his parents could sue the manufacturer in civil court, entitling them to the standard legal process with a judge, jury, private attorneys, legal precedent and discovery, all within public view.

But for kids like Eric, the National Childhood Vaccine Injury Act says NO.

Instead of suing the pharmaceutical company directly, parents of children like Eric are forced to petition the Department of Health and Human Services and, if federal health officials oppose compensation, the case is argued before a special master in the U.S. Claims Court.  Many refer to this as “vaccine court”—though it isn’t a court at all, but rather an “administrative procedure” in which the family asks the government to admit the vaccine caused their child harm, and requests compensation for the child’s care.

Here are some shocking facts about the so-called “vaccine court”:

  1. Pharmaceutical companies do not have to participate in the proceedings at all.  Taxpayers pay for all damages.
  2. The US Department of Justice acts as the government’s lawyer—with taxpayers footing the bill for their defense.
  3. The family’s attorney is paid out of the Trust Fund, administered by the Department of Health and Human Services, which has a history of punishing plaintiff’s lawyers by slashing their fees and waiting a decade or more to pay them, leaving some families without any legal representation.
  4. There’s no required discovery process—so potentially incriminating documents stay hidden in the hands of vaccine manufacturers.
  5. Most hearings are off limits: No public, no reporters.
  6. There’s no judge or jury—a special master appointed by the U.S. Court of Federal Claims both presides over the hearings, andissues the rulings, which can limit the chance of an objective verdict
  7. Legal precedent is limited, so the program issues contradictory rulings. In the case of Bailey Banks, a special master ruled the boy’s autism was “caused-in-fact” by the MMR vaccine. Yet in later cases, special masters  ruled that vaccines do not cause autism, even though federal compensation has been awarded in at least 83 cases with autism.

Almost unbelievably, the Department of Health and Human Services actually owns vaccine patents. When these vaccines are purchased, HHS profits.

In the words of Eric’s mom, “Government attorneys defend a government program using government-funded science, decided by federal bureaucrats trying to keep their government jobs.  Kids like Eric NEVER had a chance.”

The passing of the National Childhood Vaccine Injury Act prompted manufacturers to ramp up development of new vaccines, furiously lobbying the CDC to add their new shots to the “recommended schedule.”

As a result, a baby today receives more vaccinations by six months than her mother did by the time she graduated high school.

Amazingly, neither HHS nor Congress has ever reviewed the potentially devastating health effects this vaccination surge has had on our children. Today over half of US kids suffer from chronic disease and disability.

At a November 2012 Congressional autism hearing, CDC officials failed to cite even one study backing up vaccine safety claims.

Congress is now planning federal hearings to further investigate the Vaccine Injury Compensation Program.

The next round of hearings begins in November of 2013. If you’re outraged by the staggering miscarriage of justice exposed in this video, please visit now, and register for our mailing list.  Find out how YOU can help hold our government accountable for vaccine safety and bring about justice for our vaccine-injured children.

* Upheld in the Supreme Court of the United States by BRUESEWITZ ET AL. v. WYETH LLC.