How we cause autism: restraint, white blood cells and aluminum

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By Levi Quackenboss

24 hours ago Forrest Maready released a video about a book he has secretly worked on for the past two years, and I feel like I am seeing the world for the very first time. And I want you to join me.

I know it’s intimidating to sit down and watch a 2 hour and 15 minute video that rocks everything you thought you knew, but it’s important that you watch the entire thing. Every minute is something new, and the last 5 minutes are earth shattering.

So I’m going to tell you what’s in the video because if you’re like me, you don’t like watching videos and will instead read about a video so that you’re in control of how you’re receiving information. And then if you’re intrigued, you decide to watch the video.

Maybe I can entice you to watch the video. And I want to entice you to tell your friends about it. And tell you pediatrician about it. And tell your state representatives and senators, tell your Congressmen, tell the CDC and tell the President of the United States.

Will you do that for me? Will you watch the video and tell everyone about it? Because it’s that big.


Forrest starts off talking about the crooked smile we see so much of in people born in the late 70s, 80s and today. He talks about the infections that can cause this effect and he talks about how the aluminum in vaccines is taken up by our white blood cells. And when we have an infection, our bodies call for help from the white blood cells, and when that infection is in a nerve, the white blood cells are inadvertently delivering neurotoxic aluminum to the nerve, which causes lesions.

And Forrest talks about how autoimmune disorders are triggered four ways that we know of: infection, heavy physical exertion, pregnancy and stress.

We know that aluminum and Alzheimer’s disease are strongly associated with each other. We know that NFL players who repeatedly have concussions– where the brain is inflamed and signaling for help– have brains that look an awful lot like Alzheimer’s brains. And we know from brand new research that tissue from autistic brains showed aluminum levels that were some of the highest ever recorded, and comparable to early onset Alzheimer’s brains.

He moves on from the crooked smile to strabismus of the eyes not able to point perfectly ahead, and explains how prevalent this is now.



Toxic ‘Aluminum Hydroxide’ in Many Vaccines! – Key Facts as Presented in ‘INJECTING ALUMINUM’ Film

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Comment: The CDC (The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention) acknowledges that aluminum and other highly toxic ingredients are included in many vaccines administered in the U.S. See, for example: “Vaccine Excipient & Media Summary: Excipients Included in U.S. Vaccines, by Vaccine” at the CDC website

Question for health professionals: How can you continue, in good conscience, to use and/or recommend to your patients, vaccines that contain ingredients — including aluminum hydroxide and many others — that are known to be extremely toxic and potentially hazardous to human health?


KEY INFORMATION:1) Macrophagic Myofasciitis (MMF), also referred to as Macrophagic Myofasciitis Syndrome (MMS), is a rare muscle disease characterized by microscopic lesions found in muscle tissue. It causes fatigue, chronic inflammation and joint pain.

2) The CDC has a complete list of vaccine ingredients on their website, which can be found HERE.

3) From “Aluminum is incorporated into some vaccines as an adjuvant. The purpose of formulating vaccines with adjuvants is to increase the immune response to the antigen (the component of the vaccine that stimulates the immune system to make antibodies). When FDA evaluates a vaccine for safety and effectiveness, an adjuvant such as aluminum, is considered to be a part of the vaccine, rather than a component that is licensed separately.”

4) Aluminum is present in U.S. childhood vaccines that prevent hepatitis A, hepatitis B, diphtheria-tetanus-pertussis (DTaP, Tdap), Haemophilus influenzae type b (Hib), human papillomavirus (HPV) and pneumococcus infection.

5) The FDA study on aluminum in vaccines found that the maximum amount of aluminum an infant could be exposed to over the first year of life would be 4.225 milligrams (mg). Federal Regulations for biological products (including vaccines) limit the amount of aluminum in the recommended individual dose of biological products, to not more than 0.85-1.25 mg.

6) Amount of aluminum in vaccines include:

  • Hib (PedVaxHib brand only) – .225 mg per shot
  • Hepatitis B – .25 mg
  • DTaP – depending on the manufacturer, ranges from .17 to .625 mg
  • Pneumococcus – .125 mg
  • Hepatitis A – .25 mcg
  • HPV – .225 mg
  • Pentacel (DTaP, HIB and Polio combo vaccine) – .33 mcg
  • Pediarix (DTaP, Hep B and Polio combo vaccine) – .85 mcg

7) Recently, a new syndrome was introduced by Dr. Yehuda Shoenfeld, called Autoimmune/inflammatory Syndrome Induced by Adjuvants (ASIA). The activation of the immune system by adjuvants, a desirable effect, could trigger manifestations of autoimmunity or autoimmune disease that includes postvaccination phenomena, macrophagic myofasciitis, Gulf War syndrome and siliconosis. This syndrome is characterized by nonspecific and specific manifestations of autoimmune disease. 8) The French and British use the pronunciation “aluminium.” We’ve elected to use the American-ized version “aluminum.”


1) In 1993, doctors in Paris discovered that a group of patients had developed a new disease called Macrophagic Myofascitis, or MMF, which occurs when the aluminum hydroxide adjuvant from a vaccine remains embedded in the muscle tissue and causes an immune reaction.

2) Although generally well tolerated, aluminum may occasionally cause disabling health problems in presumably susceptible individuals. A small proportion of vaccinated people present with delayed onset of diffuse myalgia, chronic fatigue and cognitive dysfunction, and exhibit very long-term persistence of aluminum-loaded macrophages at site of previous intra-muscular (I.M.) immunization, forming a granulomatous lesion called Macrophagic Myofasciitis (MMF). Clinical symptoms associated with MMF are paradigmatic of the recently delineated “autoimmune/inflammatory syndrome induced by adjuvants” (ASIA) by Dr. Yehuda Shoenfeld.

3) Dr. Gherardi discusses how the macrophage system is supposed to work: “We analyzed the process whereby a macrophage ingests a particle. The macrophage behaves the same way, whether it is eating an infectious particle, a bacteria, or a particle of metal the size of a bacteria. It surrounds the intruder, bringing it inside its cell membrane. Then it develops a strategy for eliminating this toxic particle it has eaten. The technical name for the system is “autophagic xenophagy.” It consists of isolating the toxin inside a double-walled sac. A sac with two membranes. That way, the alien invader is isolated. Next, the macrophage fuses with an organic killer, the lysosome. The lysosome fuses with the sac, or vacuole, and destroys everything inside. The lysosome contains highly destructive enzymes. They only operate at acidic pH, so it has an acidic pH. The enzymes kill living organisms like bacteria. They can also kill proteins or old mitochondria – any cellular waste material. But the pH, or acidity, is capable of corroding or dissolving mineral substances. To dissolve a mineral substance, you immerse it in an acidic environment, and it melts: it goes from being a solid to being a liquid. That’s what usually happens to mineral particles. That’s why we figured the flaw might be in the autophagy-xenophagy system.”

4) Dr. Gherardi discusses this flaw and how those with MMF have a different genetic make-up that prohibits them from secreting the aluminum: “We know there are 34 genes which code for this highly complex machinery. So we looked for 109 variants; that is, genetic variations on each of these genes. They are “normal.” That means the mutations do not cause disease in and of themselves. But they do predispose the system to dysfunctions. Of the 109 variants we checked out, we found 7 variants, located on six different genes, which are significantly found more frequently in patients with MMF, as compared to the general public. There are international consensus guidelines indicating normal ranges. It is interesting to note that these genetic mutations are cumulative. That is, our MMF patients present more than one variation. They have three, four, or five, and their effects probably combine. As a result, in a normal situation, when the macrophage just performs standard duties, it works fine. If the job makes extra demands on the macrophage, most people overcome the difficulty, with a struggle. But a small minority will be totally unable to secrete the enzyme, and the toxin will remain. If 10, 20, or 25 vaccines are administered, regardless of genes, everyone will be overcome by the toxic burden. The cause of the system breakdown will be the toxicity itself.”

5) Once doctors at the French National Institute of Health and Medical Research realized they had a group of patients with the same mysterious symptoms, they began intensely studying them to try to figure out the cause of the disease. All the patients had muscle lesions that, after extensive testing, were found to contain aluminum in them. Dr. Romain Gherardi, who was leading the efforts, searched all the patients records to try and find the source of the exposure. He found a reference to aluminum as a vaccine adjuvant and then tracked down all the past vaccination records for each patient, only to find that 100% of the patients had been vaccinated relatively recently.

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Experienced Florida Pediatrician Offers True Informed Vaccine Consent

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Thank you to the Vaxxed team for this video.

By Anne Dachel

March 31, 2017, FL Pediatrician: ‘Kids Are Sicker Than Ever’

Dr. Cornelia Franz, a Florida pediatrician   with over 30 years experience, talked to Polly Tommey about the state of our children’s health. Hers is an extremely rare and courageous position in the medical community. While she does vaccinate patients, it’s on a very limited scale and based on what parents want for their children. While many might be critical of a doctor who gives any vaccines, Dr. Franz provides parents with an option that is almost non-existent anywhere else, and in her practice, there is real informed consent.

“I started out the same as everybody else: ‘You need your vaccines.’ When I started practice everybody only got two at a time. I actually began to see problems with it even early on because when I started practice, we used the original DTP. So kids on monitors, I noticed that they had increased alarms after vaccines. …

“As time went on, in the late 80s, they started to increase the number of vaccines, and I had a problem with that because giving just two at a time was hard enough, but now they wanted to give 4, 5, 6 at a time. I made the decision at that time that our practice would only give two at a time. So it was never more than two at a time.

“As more time went on, I started seeing truly vaccine injured kids.  I started seeing a lot of autistic children, and their parents all said the same thing. They said: My child was fine till they got this shot and then within a week, we lost him. …They quit having eye contact, they lost language. And I heard that so often, and so then I started doing research. And the more I started researching, the more I found that the ingredients were also toxic.

“I can tell you today, having been in clinic practice for over 30 years, that the children I see today are sicker than they were when I was a resident. It’s like they’re genetically weaker. And we give four times, quadruple, the number of vaccines that we did when I started practice. …

“There’s a sign …that says by the time your kids is five, they get 81 different vaccines. It’s really 117, and it’s not really vaccines, but it’s antigens. So like a DTP is diphtheria, tetanus, and whooping cough, and there are three ingredients. So you get diphtheria, tetanus, whooping cough—you get five of those total. So you get 15 different components there. Hib has three separate strains, so you get four times three, you get 12. Prevnar has 13 strains of pneumococus, so you get four times thirteen, 52. When you add all that up, leaving out the flu vaccine, you get 117 different vaccine antigens by the time they’re five. When I started practice, they got 30 to 33. So it’s huge.

“What I can tell you is from clinical practice because my field is clinical practice, not research. I’ve just seen so many vaccine injured kids. It’s over and over and over.”


Wow. The feedback has been tremendous… ‘The Truth About Vaccines’

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Wow. The feedback has been tremendous…

Wow. The response to episode #1 of the Truth About Vaccines has been tremendous. There have already been close to 1,000 comments on the event page, and we have fielded a number of emails expressing gratitude for this series. Here’s our latest feedback:

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You can still watch episode #1, which sets the tempo and tone for the entire series, until 9 PM EST, at which point episode #2 will go live. Episode #2 is titled, “What’s in a Vaccine? Are Vaccines Effective? … and… What About Polio? You can see the full schedule here.

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