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The full feature film documentary is FREE to watch until May 17 at noon PST
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It’s been 2 years since Vaxxed captured international headlines when it was pulled from the already-announced line-up of the 2016 Tribeca Film Festival on March 25th, 2016 and what a wild ride it has been since then! Immediately following the de-selection from the festival, the film was launched on a nationwide theatrical release, premiering April 1, 2016 at the prestigious Angelika Film Center in NYC, where it achieved the highest single screen box office gross for a documentary that year.

Since then, the film has experienced numerous examples of additional censorship in the U.S. along with several other countries. The film premiered in Belgium, the U.K and France despite significant censorship attempts by European Union parliamentary members, the Mayor of Paris and a U.K. cinema owner. It also opened in Italy and Ireland after significant unsuccessful local censorship efforts.

Over these last two years, Vaxxed was released theatrically in over 60 U.S and Canadian cities, and was the 8th highest grossing documentary of 2016. The filmmakers toured the U.S and Australia by bus during the Vaxxed tour, and have recorded nearly ten thousand vaccine injury stories. Vaxxed is now available to watch via digital stream and DVD in over 250 countries worldwide in English, Spanish, Italian, Dutch and French.

Since these past two years have been filled with so many exciting milestones for the Vaxxed community, we wanted to commemorate our two year anniversary with this FREE screening event and 30% off Vaxxed DVD sale! See below for purchase links!


Pharmacist’s Daughter Stops Vaccinating and So Does The Pharmacist!


How can we stop pharma CEOs from destroying our kids?https://leviquackenboss.wordpress.com/2018/03/15/how-can-we-stop-pharma-ceos-from-destroying-our-kids/

Pharmacist’s Daughter Stops Vaccinating and So Does The Pharmacist!


Scott Borges, a retired pharmacist, shares his professional background, his vaccine experience, and what led him and his daughter to stop vaccinating.

“I was a pharmacist for 39 years, managed three different large chain drug stores for the last 25 years that I worked. Retired in 2014 and thought I might do a little part-time work. Worked about 20 hours giving flu vaccines after retirement and finally said I was through. My daughter, Lisa, had a child in 2016 more than two months premature that weighed 3.6 pounds. Lisa started questioning the idea of vaccinations which made me look at them for the first time ever, even though I had been vaccinating for the last six or seven years. Luckily, she stopped the vaccines after my grandson’s second doctor’s office visit and did not wait for me to do the research or even ask the Newborn Intensive Care Unit (NICU), “Why on earth are you injecting a toxin linked to illicit drug use and sexually transmitted disease into a premature infant?” This is what got me started on questioning vaccines.”

Q: Before we explore questions about your grandchild, was your daughter vaccinated on a full, or partial schedule, or not at all? 

Lisa was vaccinated on time and was fully vaccinated. She is almost 32, so she didn’t have the 72 doses they recommend now on the current childhood vaccination schedule. She traveled to Thailand in 2013 and I gave her the tDap vaccine before she left. That night she was in such horrible pain she could not sleep. Convinced myself it was the tetanus ingredient and a normal reaction. Wow.

Q: Was your daughter’s preemie vaccinated and if so, which vaccines did her baby receive? 

My daughter Lisa’s son, Aidan, got the Hepatitis B shot at 2 weeks old, when he weighed less than 4 pounds, and was born 10 weeks premature. He received his 2 month shots when he got home, still not even term age. And again, received shots at 4 months. We thought we were doing the right thing and I was the pharmacist. Lisa found the movie, Vaxxed, before the 6 month vaccination round and informed her pediatrician she was going to delay the rest of the vaccinations. The pediatrician was not in agreement, so Lisa found a different doctor.

Q: What inspired your daughter to further research vaccines?

Lisa’s child, Aidan, was the impetus for her research. She has been health conscious for years. She is vegan, tries to use all natural products and essential oils. Lisa has nursed Aidan since day one, tried to do all the “right things.” She had reservations about the vaccines, yet vaccinations were not a real issue. How could vaccinations be wrong if your dad administers them for a living? It wasn’t until Aidan reacted to his 4 month shots that she questioned vaccines. In her words, “Aidan was so sad when we got home, it was awful. He was inconsolable and just kept on crying.” That is when she found Vaxxed.

CONTINUES HERE: http://www.stopmandatoryvaccination.com/parent/vaccine-injury/pharmacists-daughter-stops-vaccinating-an-so-does-the-pharmacist/

Multiple Graphic Death Threats Against Dr. Suzanne Humphries

Note: Dr. Suzanne Humphries and Polly Tommey are two of the most articulate critics of the current vaccination paradigm. Please pray for Dr. Humphries and Polly Tommy, for their protection and well-being. And please help to make these Facebook links go viral.

The following is the text of an email alert sent on 1/24/18 by Stop Mandatory Vaccination.

Graphic Death Threats

Unfortunately, Dr. Humphries has now received a couple death threats AND a drone flew over the home where she is currently staying. Needless to say, we are all taking this seriously, including Dr. Humphries.

I chatted with Dr. Humphries yesterday and she is shaken, but she is also being very proactive about her personal safety. Polly Tommey, another activist in our fight against vaccine mandates, is also being threatened. They are currently living at Polly’s home in Texas and a threat was made against her children.

A GoFundMe has been set up (and I have talked with the creator of the GoFundMe and Dr. Humphries – it is 100% legit) to raise funds required to secure the property and create better protection for everyone. I hope you will take a moment to contribute to this security fund – every amount helps. CLICK HERE to donate.

The Truth About Vaccines begins tomorrow, and Dr. Humphries is in that series. When you listen to her speak it becomes obvious why pro-vaxxers want her to stop her messaging – she makes sense, she knows her stuff inside and out, and she is a real threat to the vaccine industry. If you have not yet signed up to watch the series, I hope you do so now – even if you only catch one of the seven episodes, it’ll be worth your time. You can CLICK HERE to sign up.

Polly and Dr. Humphries went onto live Facebook video – twice – to share what’s been happening.

CLICK HERE to watch the live video of the first death threat (almost 500,000 views already).
CLICK HERE to watch Dr. Humphries explain the second death threat, which she recorded last night (almost 100,000 views in under 24 hours).

And finally, let’s pray for her protection and the protection of everyone working to expose the corrupt vaccine industry – remember, we are engaged in spiritual warfare at the highest level – and we need all the prayers and Divine Intercession we can get.

~ Larry Cook

Full Interview: ‘VAXXED’ Producer, Del Bigtree, on WSLR 96.5 LPFM, Sarasota Community Radio

[Part 1 is here. Note, the WSLR audio podcast archive deletes shows after two weeks.]

The entire 1-hour interview with Del Bigtree is here:

bodyMIND Wellness Centre
Published on Nov 6, 2017
Dr. Sean Stringer of the Trust Me I’m A Doctor Podcast and Body Mind Health Radio Show on WSLR 96.5 LP FM Sarasota, interviews #Vaxxed producer Del Bigtree about the lack of vaccination safety and efficacy.