Wow. The feedback has been tremendous… ‘The Truth About Vaccines’

[The following is the text of an email from We watched the first episode of “The Truth About Vaccines” and we agree with, this is an incredibly informative and important examination of vaccinations. To view the docu-series for free, register here: ]

[From… ]

Wow. The feedback has been tremendous…

Wow. The response to episode #1 of the Truth About Vaccines has been tremendous. There have already been close to 1,000 comments on the event page, and we have fielded a number of emails expressing gratitude for this series. Here’s our latest feedback:

“Dear Sayer Ji and Green Med Info,
Part one of this series was positively stunning!!  I have not seen anything to equal it in all the events I have watched.  How I wish doctors, nurses, and parents would all make time to watch it.  I have sent it out on facebook and hope that many will see it.  Thank you for advertising and participating in it.  More people need to learn about the history of vaccines and become aware of this crime against humanity as Big Pharma pushes their deadly wares upon the unsuspecting public and helpless babies who stand the chance of paying a dear price for the rest of their lives due to vaccine/adjuvant poisoning.”

You can still watch episode #1, which sets the tempo and tone for the entire series, until 9 PM EST, at which point episode #2 will go live. Episode #2 is titled, “What’s in a Vaccine? Are Vaccines Effective? … and… What About Polio? You can see the full schedule here.

Also, please share this email with others, including health care practitioners who have never been educated to the facts contained within this documentary.

>> Registration is still open to  watch all 7 episodes << 

I’ll see you there again tonight,

Sayer Ji,
Founder of

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